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The dollar will impose financial boundaries and its; dropped to $ 38.54

In an informal market, for her, a blue opera block is $ 37.50, according to a survey; This midfield in caves in the middle of Buenos Aires. The "money settlement" was credited on Tuesday 79 cents to $ 37.40.

Yesterday, the ticket ran into the retail sector, although it was small because it dropped the strong (36 cents) increase of the previous day. That day, the MULC was only five pence.

On Thursday, the 25 cents money leaped to $ 37.70, in an unstable day and with changes of tendency that had an adverse impact on its external climate.

As usual, the Midnight Midnight Ticket Bank sold for $ 108,651 million with an average rate of 50,009% and a maximum return of 59,728% and at least 57,947%.

The highest quotas were recorded at $ 38.13 shortly after the session began, 78 cents over their last record on Wednesday. By mid-day, foreign currency provision was reinforced in mid-morning, resulting in cost tweeters; It caused the $ 38 to be contaminated.

Sales orders were supported in the last part of the session, a time in which the exchange rate was # 39; affecting the smallest levels when working at $ 37.55. Finally, set small probationaries before they closed the values ​​something long from the lowest level but not being able to be too close to the maximum.

In this context, the volume increased by 7% to US $ 620 million.

"The local market was working with an increase in the exchange rate that was once again combined with a complex external setting, however, the overall presentation presented by the offer has prevented it from being corrected from replacing the dollar with a designated $ 38 platform and keeping it below the level reached last Friday last year ", marked by PR Corredores de Cambio.

They explained that "month needs are strongly demanded for pesos to be encouraged for their first fifteenth of the month to show a good income stream that has so far to delete the correction corrections that appear in the outside mind. "

The amount displayed with the restricted offer has been corrected from replacing the dollar with a floor defined at $ 38. "(PR change passageway)

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