The dollar will open near the floor; band, after a new tournament

At the same time, in the sales department, the green tree is a the opening of a state $ 40 in banks and groups in the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average

It should be remembered that the Central would be sold at Tuesday Liquidity Lyrics (Leliq) for $ 160,000 million at an average level again rises to date 50,065% to nine days. The highest output is 50.49% and b & # 39; The lowest is 48%.

PR Corredores de Cambios said "the fourth steady loss of the exchange rate in the retail department is again taking place at a level near the low level of the official non-official area in co- context of supply provision ".

They said that "so close to the end of the month and the beginning of the normal installments had been unable to respond to the prices of the dollar that has gone back to levels very close to those presented at the beginning of the week before ".

The policy for raising the level of interest, they said from PR, "had a direct impact on its rapidly lost exchange market exchange rate to its # 39 ; the highest year. "

Dollar in the world

The dollar went around almost three weeks after a loss of 0.4% overnight after comments from the Force Force Chairman Jerome Powell about the travel of the central bank of the United States against a "more patient" policy.

The dollar index, which compares the handbag with a six main fund of money, decreases by 0.1% to 95,928.

Another focus of interest is for top-end owners to the United States and North Korea in Vietnam.

Other markets

In the informal center, the blue he went up to 50 cents $ 39.25. At the same time, the "contad with liqui" gave 15 cents yesterday at $ 39.19.

In the money market between banks, 45% had a steady enough money. In foreign exchange negotiations, $ 196 million was agreed to / or donate money in pesos by buying a dollar for Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In ROFEX, where US $ 1,290 million was settled, more than 60% were agreed between February and March with final prices of $ 38,9650 and $ 40,222 with final rates, at those prices, of 44.60% and 38, 47% TNA.

At the same time, the The Central Bank will maintain it $ 52 million was down to $ 66,990 million.

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