The dollar will start to & # 39; Deferred: this center could not stop it getting better than it wanted

Everything indicates that the Scottish money policy is on Friday
Central Bank. Guido Sandleris, who had the entity's owner, went to the
Sales of future jobs when the dollar reached $ 38.40 and rose by more than 1%. But for the first time he saw his / her output; market. Until recently, the interventions were last half-hour and answered the dollar
Immediately lost and closed to a wheel with an increase not exceeding 20
cents, suffered by Central Bank.

But this time it was not, the dollar dropped to $ 37.92 when it sold
salarlar in the future and finished the 37 cents wheel over the previous day at $ 38.20. In the week, it was only 75 cents (2%), but unlike it
Previously closing these are the ones that showed that starters started
cover yourself from the world's emergence.

In the United States, Wall Street eliminated the benefits of the week in one day
due to the fall of England's degree and growth rate in China. Europe began to experience problems with the sale of cars. Is a great investment fund
they started leaving New York trade and moved to fixed rate deposits.

With a case, to 7 February they put the money, something they set up
at levels of 2.35% annually on 7 February. This is one of the jobs
Best of the great finances in North America.

They also started cleaning their country bands from their careers
Coming out Argentina is to come up; main suffering. Bonus was the first time her & her; he lived offer on the screen. An bid (buyers) is almost empty That's why local rural watering at one time of the day came to 780 points and marked the Macri record. But within half an hour of the visit there was a technical recycling of the bands and the country's danger was closed at 762 bases (+ 2.01%). Larger bands have larger bands. Their return level will reach 15% against 2.89% that is & # 39; Including US Bank band or 0.27% German 10-year bond.

That's why the dollar rises in banks and exchange houses. B a
broadcast for savers. The money raised 21 cents to $ 39.02. The biggest jump in the remote market was. The "blue" rises 50 cents to $ 38 with a strong demand. Is that for the first time in a long time the "blue" is the same as what the banks do? pay and save the price of the official dollar.

So far I was running behind. In one week the dollar is for the public
more 70 cents (+ 1.82%).

But something changed in Argentina. The inflation in November was 3.2%
when everyone indicated that it would be below 3% and most of it
He played at 2.8%. Include the economy on such a change of product
so she has her & her price; In fact, this helps improve the inflation
December can reach 4 per cent.

The reservoirs, at the same time, lost USD 40 million and remained at 49,882
Millions Overseas, due to almost all the money, 72 million were lost. The international organizations and Brazil were paid 68
Millions During the week, security lost USD 618 million.

Leliq was not an affair either. The taxes fall
stopped and they had to cut 59.75% annually (+0.25 points) for a place
Guidelines for $ 125,132 million. As the campaign reached 159,574 million, it was released 34.622 to add to all non-refurbished pesos from Friday last week to something less than $ 200 one billion. Much of the local money will be asking for doctors and this is a accelerate because the same time reduces the well-being words down.

The indicator indicates that the market is clear: it is not a? Accepting low rates and there is a price to buy a dollar. Its Central Bank has a narrow edge to continue working in the # 39; future market. The IMF placed a strong position in that regard. For now, as long as it does not bring a roof to a & # 39; band over $ 46, the remaining device is still the elevation levels that are still in place; It is compromised that a cash policy is needed if it is not appropriate to have a boil and limit the height of the dollar.

There was a day of a small increase at the Stock Company. The Merval program increases 0.29% with business for $ 573 million. The North Gas Transporter was the only one that gave more than 2% (2.11%). In the week, a market was only 1.4%.

In the ADRs, Argentine shares certificates mentioned in a dollar
The most wounded of Wall Street. Central Port lost 4.91% and Tenaris,

Friday may have been a starting point for climbing faster
dollar. Keepers of debt, according to the increase in rural danger,
They sell the titles and they'll keep the dollars. Request the ticket
Increase American with international and international coverage. The world's funding goes to the United States to ensure that Friday's appeal rises to 2.50% annually. The Argentineans are not foreigners for all the world's happening.

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