The drone is powered by PowerDolphin water to help

When thinking about bridges, do you think they fly in the right sky? Well, this is only one type of bad, this summer, you can expect to find them underwater too.

PowerVision brings the three multi-functional water over to Australia, and # 39; It benefits fishermen from Aussie, water sports enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts.

Delivered by a 220 ° double rotation camera, the PowerDolphin can take a 4K Ultra-High-Definition movie at the heart of a safety activity. The camera can over 70 ° over water and 150 ° underwater, and send 1011 free-to-one mobile phones to your mobile via the Vision + app.

The most attractive 1km trail at the drone. Unmistakably, the drone will insert clear blues that are not visible in the printed images, so that there are more opportunities to take pictures in different water conditions, and # 39 ; including appropriate face light.

PowerDolphin provides a well-known and integrated PowerSeeker fishing experience that loves fishing enthusiasts. The PowerSeeker will find fish within a range of about 40m and a & n; travel the way to a perfect fishing area using the sonar GPS built into a floor; to plan the ocean.

This latest technology will cast a hook, and # 39; drag fish, get fed and eat catch fish, reach longer than a fishing rod. Once the fish is going to go; bite down on her bait, PowerDolphin will return to the director.

The PowerDolphin can travel at a speed of 5m every second, faster than the 100m cheap style Olympic record. Useful technology for Australian life-makers, which uses PowerSolphin, using three speed gears that enable it to be & # 39; releasing jackets, machinery and other rescue equipment quickly and efficiently. The drone is the first respondent and can swimmers and sea events before emergency services.

PowerVision has turned on the drone industry and has launched PowerRay, its first underwater underwater in the world. With 4K UHD camera and simpler design, it is capable of catching a lively film and photograph of underwater life at an amazing 30m depth.

"A new device in PowerDolphin is not only suitable for Australian water sports, photographers and fisheries, but it can also help to protect countryside shores with rescue response.

PowerDolphin provides a new insight into marine life and can help marine scientists with underwater mapping, as well as helping to find and record Australian marine life. "

Wally Zheng, the Founder and PowerVision Head.

The PowerDolphin is now available as a preorder from It will cost you $ 1,299 which compares many bridges from the air.

The company also has a & # 39; drone another drone called Power Ray available through their website for A $ 2,299

At the moment, going up to Christmas, well to the end of Dember, they are offers a 30% discount from PowerRay.

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