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The Earth's magnetic range changes rapidly and can not explain geologists

The magnetic field of Earth is not as simple as it is usually taught: it changes regularly and closely. Y To travel correctly through the plan, we need to update a map of that area. The update is happening every five years, but Now, something strange is happening.

According to the published Nature, the current version of the World Magnetic Symbol – WMM (World Magnetic Model), It should be replaced until the end of this year. But the motions found and the deformations of the field they make a fast start of this important geo-physical model of the Earth's magnetic range.

The Scottish and Allan Harbor Administration (NOAA) published a fast start-up version of WMM in September, but some data is not like calculations, maps and technical notes. It was expected that a revised and full version of WMM would be released this week, but thanks to US federal government, the date is now uncertain.

Changes are variable
The model is delivered Estimates how the magnetic range has changed regularly in the future. In general, the error of the pre-tolerance error is now becoming tough after five years. However, during the annual review of its model in 2018, the foundations of NOAA researchers and the British Geological Survey have encountered problems.

Things were so far away from the place, that the room was already to move at the border, and they were still near two years to renovate. Shortly after the current model was launched, researchers gave a comment on that a severe division of magnetism was accelerated in the northern part of South America, a movement that planners had not been expected.

At the same time, much of the magnetic field that stretches from Chile to Zimbabwe has been so weak that it is dangerous to allows dangerous levels of radiation clutter and damage the electronic components of the satellites that are going through that place. Also, the Northern Pole is a stop in Siberia, after it has crossed the international diary.

Is there a bigger change in sight?
There is a debate on whether these events prove a whole or long term demarcation of the entire range. But at this time, there is no real certainty about what's happening or how you can predict these changes. And some of these changes have a greater impact than others.

"The truth is that the pole is going fast to & # 39; making this region more susceptible to mistakes"Geomagnetist, Arnaud Chulliat, at the University of Colorado Boulder said the researchers have spent several years data to provide a short-term solution that allows us to reach 2019, with the normal upgrade still going to; planned for the end of the year.

Finally, it will tell time that these updates are presented regularly or every five years, as it happened. But, geologists are also working hard to find out what kind of underground events are causing these changes and what it means for the future.

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