The end of the 41-year solar system probe arrived after launching


In 1977 the Cold War was at its height, the decline of oil was over and the United States recently collapsed in an unprecedented emergency after President Richard Nixon succeeded to retire. By a Republican order, Jimmy Carter, NASA investigated a place to investigate the most distant areas of the disease. On Monday, after 41 years of travel through the solar system, Voyager 2 It came to a place where the wind does not go to it; fight more, to 18,000 million kilometers from Earth.

At this speed, all Voyager 2 messages It takes 16 hours a half to get to Earth Although, for example, the speed of communication at the speed of the light with Mars is only 8 minutes. The device left the device, the huge protection bubbles and magnetic fields created by the sun, to cross the & # 39; Heliopause, a border where the wind sun is no longer reached.

Technically, however, it is still in the solar system, whose boundaries are based in the middle of the cloud of Oort, much longer than Pluto. "It's like a big buffer around the solar system," says a group. This staggering body is still under the influence of sunrise and Voyager 2 still had to go through another 30,000 years.

The record of Voyager 2 is previously visible. The ultimate active goal of the North American space organization. Its tools will continue to & # 39; send ideas every day. It was launched when Carter was the president of the United States, between 1977 and 1981, traveling over Jupiter in 1979, and then Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in 1989. As he worked after flying over Neptune, NASA followed his mission but the cameras have disappeared to save energy. In 2012 it became a mythical activity of the group.

Your two tests, Voyager reached 1 inter-state place in 2012 and continued to work as well, but one of its vital tools was to break down the Plasma Science Experiment windfill measurement, which was broken down in 1980. "The information sent by the Voyager has bordered The impact of the sun gives an unprecedented view of permanent boundaries, "said NASA's heliophysics division leader Nicky Fox.

The point at which the probe was to come after 41 years of age; left.
The point at which the probe was to come after 41 years of age; left.

Each device maintains recordings of sounds and images of Earth in gold and copper plates. Even if they were off, the probes would still be able to travel for billions of years. "That temporary caps one day they could be the last palate of human civilization ", NASA said the statement.

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