The "EVA virus" and the danger of being a woman – 11/12/2018


Women's men have a higher life expectancy but worse than their health, with one out of three people who are ill or ill; may have suffered physical or non-sexual invasion at some point. We are more vulnerable to diseases that are drawn to the genre and the dangers of joy. This is all that this initiative has been quantified by its name "EVA Virus".

It is a way of raising awareness of the dangers of being a woman and the benefits of being a person in a patriarchal society.

The Doctors of the World launched this initiative to make a more detailed explanation Social diseases that affect women because they are and ask him World Health Organization (WHO) to address this virus as if there was a pandemic, a nature conviction that puts 3.7 billion people in danger at health.

"For a virus, we would be in step 6 of warning and there would be pandemic pneumonia, binary virus, b & # 39; e Eva, "says the EVA Fusion Campaign.

The war is harder to us. Unemployment is more difficult with us. We suffer harder poverty. So, our health has a regular impact. It is a quiet problem, but has diminished sizes, because of its global nature, due to its potential and because it affects millions of women of every generation, warns the NGO.

So doctors of the world want a letter to WHO to encourage its resources and efforts to address the effects of inequality and its impact on women's health and promote public health improvement with a focus of gender, which responds better to your needs.

Women are more exposed to physical and sexual violence, 35% suffer from suffering or at risk.

In addition, women's mental health is closely linked to the violence they are suffering and with the obstacles that they meet to get health care, appear.

According to the NGO, It's a lost wound, a & # 39; including self-kill, the second cause of death among women aged 15 to 29 in 2015 in the world. The WHO shows women are suffer in percentages much higher (70% compared to 30% of males) more h mph East North Easterly no situation.

Regarding the dangers of children and birthdays, there are more than 800 women who are pregnant, Dying around the world due to casualties related to this level, about 300,000 a year.

In addition, breeding conditions, which are present in 30 countries, are at risk of health, as well as at age-old emergency marriages.

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