The Fallout 76 renewal system left open player data. Bethesda responds with "We've set it up"

Bethesda was likely to be problematic with the nylon bags at the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76, but once again-things will go wrong. The proposed new system have shown names, phones and other data personally of the players.

Based on the basics, Bethesda instead praised the bags that were included in the 200 euros edition of Fallout 76 with the canvas bags promised through a help service. Logically, it was asked to connect the purchase ticket. The problem is that this information – from a private nature – It has been completely open.

As marked by the Kotaku center, over the past few times a number of users have accessed the demands that other players have entered and, by expanding , all the information included in the tickets. As you can see in catching Jessie Tracy.


I see requests from other users' service in the & # 39; my account Bethesda. It shows a large number of tickets by & # 39; replace Power Armor Edition and include e-mails, sailing sails and the type of card being used. This is not good, right?

Factlessly mentioned Bethesda and recorded in different social networks such as Reddit, Twitter or its own official forums.

Answer from Bethesda? When the problem was settled, the Community Manager was quick to offer a short message to the community.


Hi people, we have set the problem

Map Unlock (Open) He has been a chieftainer of Bethesda even before he left the beta for PC, his father's father of all diseases and his / her; giving unwanted unavoidable or disagreeing with more radiation. What's bigger, we're not sure the story about the nylon moor is here.

Appalachia's experience may be late to start, but, indeed, the show has been Everything of charrael of emotions.

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