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The family's basket is dynamic, maybe a bit bigger than politics

An Dane Named on 8 January, the modification of the list of products and services used to gauge the economic search bills. This list includes a set of items classified into classes, sub-groups and organizations that are in the process of being able to access them. reflecting the main components of family houses in Colombia. The news that Dane wrote is no longer a change to the name of a family basket.

The family baskets are tied regularly to debates on the increase in the minimum salary level, changes to the national tax system (also known as financing laws) or the increase in freight prices and services called inflation. The family basket seems to be more related to the dominance of the use of a detailed statistical exercise that allows us to experience the structure and behavior of the countryside. These are some ideas of this modification that directly affect our indicators of price reviews as it is this year and, therefore, a large part of our economic activity measure.

1. It is not about the "passionate" changes that dance to show falsehoods

Thanks to our lack of statistical knowledge in our country, which is also extremely vulnerable and encouraged by speakers of social networks, much of our richness of knowledge and the statistical statistics of the teams. dane technicians know. It is very worrying that some guild leaders, some economists, some journalists and many directors of printed or digital passports appear in the # 39; this group. That is why there seems to be a real look in a country that is poorly educated in statistics when a citizen is heard "Dane will change the family basket" a & # 39; think that there are things like: (1) "That is another form of Dane to hear the truth about" no (2) "price loads Since they can not VAT on tax reform, now they are doing it around here ", among other poorer strategies.

The change in a family basket responds to a natural process of international statistical methods. Renovation, which I think should be a verb to be more rigorous and more respected by statistics, is the family's basket as normal as changing a car's oil so that it can be done. continue to work properly every unique kilometer that travels. The Dane is always running so hard & # 39; What are the agreed procedures in the international statistical department, for example, it does not appear that population or age does not include; count unemployment, but an ILO (International Labor Party) approach and has been agreed with most countries in a framework; Statistical Conference held annually at the headquarters of New York of the UN (United Nations Association).

So in this first impression I want to emphasize it as a result of updating its & # 39; a family basket and as a result it looks so detailed & # 39; what the Dane did and did for decades.

2. Great work to work out the Family Basket

Just as other government records are like jobs, the Dane also reviews and reviews; implement jobs to fulfill its duty; less expensive employees and that they are closer to a quiet economy than the one that is based on conflict.

To find out what elements should be to do a family basket, the Dane continued "National Home Budget Survey (ENPH). "In this work, thousands of households are asked to complete some booklets that describe each purchase they make (date , article or services, dimensions and prices are fundamental) and therefore a sample of production is available to estimate that colonists use, on a trip and a price charge.

This large database is hosted, among many other things, for the confirmation of a small list (which includes the most appropriate materials) used in the Estimates the average change of economic prices, that is, inflation (or dispensation). they would go down). It's worth spending a long time on price information available at DANE. This major work was carried out in 2016-2017 and another was the same as the "National Survey on Income and Expenditure (ENIG)" made during the period 2006-2007.

So, at this time, the country met the international statistical community saying "good statistical practices""Contradicting what is happening with the Unusual Population and Housing Accounts which can be a" banana republic ". The best practice between International for the production of population censuses every 10 years, but the Colombian government has responded significantly to the census as an unimportant part (especially the former Finance Ministry, Mauricio Cárdenas ), budget and resource allocation in a moderate way or in a way that prevents it from its very good future. But that's sand and another bag that I give a comment in the next opportunity.

In the ENPH case we did a great deal and the Dane's director at the moment was asked to give us a change in January 2019 so that we have a year of motion and that we can investigate the impact th & # 39; at the inflation of the sequence process from all changes that mean effects. The influence of our new family basket is on inflation, we see when we name inflation data for January, this February.

3. The family's basket is dynamic

Given that a country can not keep track of all the prices of the millions of articles present in its markets, the producers are selected from the ENPH products, there is a special list of (around hundreds and not thousands or millions) of the main items spent with families and monitoring monthly per month. Here is how inflation is measured, from the change in goods prices that are part of a family basket that includes items and services of the key features that are in place; House consumption: food, housing, clothing, health, education, sport, transport, communications and other expenses.

The participation of each of these organizations tells us much about the spending structure.

For example, for the case of Colombia, slightly higher than 72% of food spending on food (28 per cent), housing (30 per cent) and transport (15 per cent).

For a case thatCurrently, housing reaches 31 per cent but only 10 food and transport 13 of housing expenditure; reaching a higher value of 53 per cent leaving more room for other goods consumption (holidays or electronic items). In the case of Canada, food reaches 16 per cent, housing is & # 39; reaching 26 lengths while transport is at level 20. In a country like Bangladesh there are more than 50 per cent; Food 22 for housing and 8 for transport.

Therefore, the baskets will vary according to its location, the level of income, profit organization, economic development, as well as its customs, traditions, culture.

The difference of all of these decisions only happens when we change a place (country or department) to & # 39; happens when the time goes over. Before the economies took axes daily, failure writers for communication, then they will send files for archive information and now see digital platforms for films and strings.

Companies change over time and be able to make enough measure due to the changes in the general level of prices, it is essential that the results that we follow will be updated. That is, change the family basket we use to monitor the inflation. It's really interesting to see through a list of items like our society changing, so I'm inviting you to look at A list of the products that came and went, so you can get an idea of ​​how our country has changed in the last 10 years.

In the last decade of Colombia, materials that resemble traditional rural economies such as prepaucos, beans, barley curuba, cumin, pepper and laurel have no longer been associated with home consumption. This may be a testimony to changes in household food, urbanization in the countryside or perhaps a profit change representing those foods, means they are not available in the market.

They also left furniture for computer computing and furniture for a library that can be the result of the easiest and current computers (knees, tablets and smartphones) as well as a sign of the reduction in the presence of books in Colombian homes. In terms of energy, the games come out, perhaps due to new ways of fire as the fastest into the basket and greater sustainability of electricity power and the batteries to & # 39; emerge, as the current systems use renewable and non-used batteries but in very special tools

In terms of fashion, it seems that fewer and fewer shoes are tired and women do not use half-pants. And boots seem to have not been repaired again so much, we are growing up and down; going immersed "fast-fashion "which means a larger generation of waste. It seems that electronic devices and devices are not the same as the previous ones, other evidence of access to the economy of the offer. leaving some of the equipment that was managed in the Nineties such as the form of a disc, the printers, the recordings, the cameras and the inserting of tools for clipping and iron for the hair; the 21st century management tools are not as computers, telephones or cell phones, which are not going to go, even though they are changing and its development in technology.

For housing in Colombia, football tickets do not belong to it; spend and now spend more on rented football, bicycle tools, in pets and taxes, and, shows that related materials (such as sports venues) are now being distributed from the private sector rather than working together (club, residential diversity or town park), people get up in a transport method that does not Using fuel, especially the bicycle, is that the pedicabs are becoming increasingly common. If taxes can come to the family's basket, it may seem that homes are travel more or more "and" insert "and" #; Living outside the cities, the tax will come to a daily cost.

In terms of health to pay a lot of attention to the "hard" costs to be & # 39; such as cartoon, genetics, ambulance, hospital and ambulance, and "soft" costs such as messages, pregnant tests, hot water bottles, homeopathic remedies, a & 39 ; the impact of better broadcasting in the Colombian health system. It is worrying that mineral water intake is to be spent in the home, as it shows the water or new water system has been installed; declining human needs.

The viagra, the brandy, the lottery and the ballot will go from the family basket. Enter the brownie, tequila, garland Christmas, pets, sunglasses services and English online courses. We've changed some things and it's worth watching up to do your own survey A list of what's happening and we know we're a bit better.

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