The finishing places: Miami was ruled out, and there is an opportunity for Doha, Asunción and Medellín


Postcard: this is what looks like in the Khalifa International stadium in Doha, a possible situation for the superclassic Well: Reuters

The Qatari rim, with the pedestals at a sports service, seems to be the most likely site in the end of the bad

Cup Libertadores

from America. The relationship between


and the emirate is so wet that the Asian team is one of the guests in the next Americas. Qatar Airways, the main air company, has been supporting club competitions and, last month's confederation (as well as appearing on


). All of these links, besides that, the Qataris would allow all party systems, and, including ferry costs and organizational costs, the activities of the Qatari capital to keep the game.

Miami, another town with sufficient financial and operational muscles to hold an event of this stage, was rejected by "business problems". Besides behind, there were other towns in South America: Asunción del Paraguay and Medellín (Colombia), which was running late Tuesday. The Mineirao of Belo Horizonte was also offered, but the importance of any Brazilian football union (CBF) or Brazilian city has not been running on. game. The Conmebol offers offers from other cities, such as Genoa (Italy) and New Orleans (the United States). "We know that Catar is long and the service is so complex", the phrase he heard at Conmebol's headquarters.

Another novel at the end of the day is not to choose a & # 39; home waiting for a decision to & # 39; Judgment. As soon as there is an agreement, the Conmebol will indicate the place and date of its name; game, which will be on the 8th or 9th of the next month. "We will register and organize their games, that's our job, whatever the court decides," said a collective store.

With its Disciplinary Court working from yesterday and afternoons, b & # 39; Conmebol's work was to find an accessible place for the longest final in the world. All this, further afield, Boca has been at risk of accessing the Sports Court deck (TAS) desks. "The competition runs its course and the game has been played longer than the desktop", answered the entrances of the inn in the siege every time consulted with them. "The cups are won on the court," said President Alejandro Domínguez in an open letter.

The opportunity to play in a neutral country (and outside Argentina) opens a focus of other conflicts.

The River

He arrived in Paraguay to ensure that the global meeting had been set up on another date, but in that case; Monumental, and with his audience. Whether the situation changes in Qatar, Colombia or Paraguay. For now, the Núñez club needs to download the file with the Conmebol Controller Unit for the events.

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