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The first context of PocoPhone F2 is over; dress in aluminum and incorporate the foliage


The LittlePhone F1 OnePlus is one of our time. The only one with the Snapdragon 845, 6 GB of RAM, energy cooling and quality camera for just over 300 barrels. Not aware of just figures, We know that the POCO F1 has been a great success, and to continue the strategy company – in principle – annually, with a main field as the only machine and main device.

They will begin, then, when the new year comes, the facts and concepts of how PocoPhone F2 designs. Its first complete completion of its & # 39; polychcarbonate, hard material and this has allowed low costs, but something inappropriate of a € 300 limit – which includes some Xiaomi Redmi of 100 euros of aluminum. The first context of the POCO F2 is a & # 39; look at his lines with aluminum, and reduce the mouth according to what is being done; expectations from the upper sector in 2019.

Draw PocoPhone F2 to do

Ben Geskin, one of the best-known photographers of the network, has shown his appeal proposal for PocoPhone F2. Destination which represents aluminum is decorated and decorated in a "fall" shape. The decline of the famous bumblebees, and the camera would be placed in a far beyond position, was much more traditional.

One of the weakest points in PocoPhone F1 is the main construction materials. The second version would do well to return to the construction quality and promise of materials such as aluminum.

It's just a concept, and there's still little or no idea about PocoPhone F2. The latest Qualcomm, 6 or 8GB of RAM process would be at the end of the terminal, a 4000mAh battery at least with quick tax and a better section of pictures, has been trying to continue to access raw materials, a strategy that has been working with OnePlus and that POCO seems to want to & # 39 ; criticized. There is only a time telling if this design is coming to an end,

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