The former Navy leader preceded the Congress that the San Juan ARA can not travel only – 11/11/2018


The old commander of the Navy, Admiral Marcelo Srur, said he had subdivisions they hid information about what happened when the San Juan ARA collapsed and he also pointed out that no boat was able to sail only far from the shore.

Before the Bicameral Congress Commission, Srur said that she had not sent her; The first day he told him that seawater had gone into the boat and that there had been a fire. "They developed the situation. They told me that no communication was lost with his shipbuilder. "

The former Navy corrupted the situation on the former leader of the Puerto Belgrano fleet, Luis López Mazzeo, who was in Buenos Aires – far from his job – when the accident, with no authority from the Navy leader then.

"Also, he went to Chaco, instead of returning.López Mazzeo made those trips without authority and made a mistake, as I was in Uruguay who got a reputation, "said Srur.

The Navy leader also said that the San Juan ARA "was capable of working alone, at a distance and in the fishing area, it could sail with the fleet, but not only in the 200 miles" .

However, he clarified, he did not have any information about the problems he had at his / her; a boat, such as a problem with Eco 19 ballast, which had been a few months earlier; influencing this badge and inserting water.

First president of the Navy, Marcelo Srur, before the Conference. (Diego Díaz)

First president of the Navy, Marcelo Srur, before the Conference. (Diego Díaz)

"" If you get water in the Eco 19 and you do not do anything, it's silly again, "said the experts I agreed," said Srur. He said he would not have registered the 4.25 sea boat, as the San Juan ARA had a number of problems.

That mistake was given to the force's head, Claudio Villamide.

Srur also helped the United States Navy to report "sound of water" to Lopez Mazzeo, as opposed to the Navy leader or defense minister Oscar Aguad.

Parachute Pedro Miranda asked for whether this information had come from an envelope sent to him by the Navy of the US, who opened it with Lopez Mazzeo in a meeting with his & # 39 Minister Aguad. But Srur said "do not remember" that Lopez Mazzeo was in that meeting.

Indeed, one of his team-crew relatives, Luis Tagliapietra, told Srur if he was really careful that there was no planning for his / her activity; a boat in 2017, which was nevertheless used in work that ended to sink.

"It did not appear in the naval reports that the San Juan ARA was participating in this control policy in the individual economic area, but the idea was obviously ( López Mazzeo) "do what I want," because seafoods can do that, "said Srur. He said: "There are 44 heroes here, who died in resolution, but that was achieved by reducing a problem, or we would not have achieved it."

Deputy Nilda Garre, who was a Kirchnerist defender minister, bought Srur's "lack of leadership" from "you can not hide behind you did not know, you do not remember or did not know what a & # 39 ; happen "when the ARA accident San Juan.

In contrast, The old Navy commander refused to accept British support to find the tumbler, as published in different media. He explained, before he was the president and the generals of the Bicameral Commission, that he sent to Lopez Mazzeo the order to accept it; That help, based on the guidance received from Minister Aguad.

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