The Geminids: the final show of the year's stars will be seen next week

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The Geminids, the last one
Rain of stars of the year, can be seen during the evenings of Friday and Friday the next week from the compounds of the north and south, but they have to move away from the cities to avoid light contamination.

Together with the Perseids, the Geminids is the biggest fan of starlights. This rhetoric spectacle occurs when small molecules come from woodland or asthma,
to face the atmosphere of our world, recite it; Ibero-American Group for Science Delivery (DiCYT).

The airplane point appears to be "the birthplace" of their elegant media – which is in the couple's recital (Gemini), located near Orion.

Meteors can be kept from a dark place with a clear vision. "It's good to lie down, look at the space of the sky and keep it, at least, for a few minutes to respect some walks, the most important thing is a little patience have, "they suggested from the DiCYT group.

Although the largest activity in the North Globally, as the higher numbers are higher in the distance, from the southern fish, a large number of assessors will also be maintained.

Usually, woods that affect the waters of stars, but in terms of the Geminids, that's not like that. It is believed that they are </ p> <p> comes from a small asteroid, (3200) Phaeton, which is a mystery for the soldiers since it was discovered in 1983.

The best times for the Geminids can be seen at the same time as the evenings on Thursday 13th and Friday 14th, but began to be seen from the 4th of this month and will continue until the 17th century.

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