The Government wants 2019 equality in 23% (larger review)

If the price increase was to move as it was; the Finance Minister, Nicolas Dujovne, and the unions would have changed their agreements with that right pattern, at the best stage, a sales power salary would not be lost in 2019. But even so, In this wonderful situation, if we look at four years of change control, the salary has lost between 10 and 15 points, based on private estimates.

The Minister for Representation and Labor, Dante Sica, expected to expect the & # 39; First season of the next year in work cases, at the end of the year drink with journalists, along with Dujovne and Minister of Transport, Guillermo Dietrich. "There are already unions that started a 23% pattern settlement in 2019," officially anticipated. There are no more than four conciliations, but many do not include the need for the rooms that are available; Make up one business such as the Argentine Business Union (UIA) to accommodate around 800 salary debates annually.

Sica said "the best thing for the future for each work area is to pay a salary in the first semester, because that will improve expectations and its. preventing a working problem. The "high season" of parliaments between March and June. But that is a definition. No union agrees to discuss wages over time free, between January and February.

The minister said "there are no major economic laws," and said that only some companies who warned layoffs are particularly special for their care. He also said in the big companies "that they look at the floor of the demand, why they decided to open up blocking processes and not to abolish jobs, so that the economy will re influencing ". He also considered that there was an increase in orders for Emergency Emergency Procedures with companies "beyond the usual ones".

For the Government, according to the officer, the negotiation scheme for this year will be maintained. A number will be sought, at least two installments, and a date will be set to review the inflation march, so that change must be made.

Clearly if the government is aiming at an inflation of 23% in the second half of 2019 the price increase should be brutally brutally.

On the other hand, Sica expects that the AFIP will be ready for the digital system in the coming days that will allow the implementation of the Mipymes Corporate Films and will publish the department's menu for the start of an application from the next year. It would start through the seine value of the region. The officer showed that the majority of the new instrument was the supermarket department.

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