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The Hubble NASA Telescope provides a new way on & # 39; see a dark case


Scientists would use intracluster light (visible in blue) to investigate the distribution of dark material inside its; band.

NASA / ESA / M. Montes / UNSW

A dark case has been named as it does not interact with anything we can find or see. It is not too obvious for us.

The only reason we believe is something darker; make up 85% of the universe recognized as a result of the fundamental effects that can be seen. Now, a new approach is designed by recruits in Australia and Spain, using images captured by Teileascop Hubble Space NASA / ESA, a & # 39; Let's see "dark case" by using very wild light in gala clubs.

A large collection of galaxies is a huge galaxy collection. For example, there is a galaxy home, the Milky Way, in a single thing called Supercluster Laniakea with hundreds of thousands of other diseases. Inside a group, galaxies are translating, and starvings may sometimes be erased from their home galaxy and launched it freely through the cluster. As these interconnected vagabonds travel freely through the hill, they will release a broad light called "intracluster light".

And that's the key.

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"We found the light is very talented in gallery clubs, the interior light, how dark things are spread," said Mireia Montes, University New South Wales, Australia, the author of the research (PDF) published in the Royal Monthly Pressures of the Astronomical Society.

In the last few days, archers have used a "important lens" to estimate the spread of dark cases in gallery clubs. Although there is a powerful lens in publishing a bold case structure in clubs, rigorous and long-term monitoring needs to be done.

The way Montes does not recommend and co-author; Ignacio Trujillo's study of the Astrophysics Institute of the Canary Islands of Spain, which only needs a deep profile image – as provided here with the Hubble Frontier Fields project – to absorb the dark features, properly entrusted group.

Indeed, there was a deep lens at the heart of Montes and Trujillo in designing their own way. Previous research had looked at those six galaxy lines, which scrutinized their darkest profiles by going to see them. using a hard lion. Therefore, Montes and Trujillo could compare the distribution of light inside with the previous inspection.

The researchers suggest that light inside the "hard circular dark distribution" is incredibly inside the clubs, so the stars that are Free shipping through the hill "which spreads the same as the" dark case ".

Future work can be seen by the researchers. Extend the results to more than six scratch groups surveyed here. The expansion of the Hubble Frontier Fields, Event Show and Beyond Ultra-deep Legacy (Buffalo) project, will be expanded to look at the edge of these galaxy posters.

That gives an opportunity to find out if this new way is to see a dark case.

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