The incredible 15-centimeter blood causes closure to patients; getting involved and a doctor can not explain


10 December, 2018

The image is very strong. Suffering the 36-year-old from heart failure and every knowledgeer was surprised to see this out of his body.

Clear picture

The simple definition is not, and none of the experts can find this strong image yet to prove what happened.

The program happened in the United States, when it was 36 years He started with a cough and finished the 15-centimeter blood cover of the right bronchial tree.

It seems that the image of its clot is to "#; Looking forward artisanically, but unbelievably he came out from a patient who came to the medical center for help. This was given by doctors Gavitt Woodard and Georg Wieselthaler, experts from the University of California who were dealing with this person.

At the same time, it was published by newspaper New England Journal of Medicine, The and since then, this amazing picture is going around the world. "We were surprised. It's astonishing that you can not think, that is, this is true, very, very rare"one of them said as they published The Atlantic. And the definitions do not reach, in particular for being discharged as a whole.

The 36-year-old patient suffered from "heart failure with a 20% ejection fraction, aortic bioprosthetic replacement rehabilitation for aortic bicuspid, aortic aneurysm stenosis and permanent craft position for a complete heart block ".

When he entered this person in the hospital's intensive care unit, he was connected directly to a pump so that the blood could be circulated. In the medical report it was identified: "Impella's impella support machine was added for a painful heart failure treatment and a continuous heparin was started for a systematic anticoagulation."

And they will add: "When there was a huge attack on coughing, the patient removed a whole mold away from the right vertex". One week later, the patient did not have patient signs when placing the ventricular support device, and He died as a result of heart failure problems.

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