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Tuesday, December 11, 2018


A 36-year-old patient suffering from heart failure was surprisingly surprised by the doctors who had been infected. Healing it after splitting up a 15-centimeter blood clot that he learned the body and finished his life.

In the image published by The Journal of Medicine's scientific journal, you can see how the thrombus is the same type of bronch and it is expected that some intense congestion. The patient who attended doctors from the University of California, the United States, was later rescued.

Wiesel Thaler, the present re-designer surgeon, said that the patient was at the heart of a patient to stimulate the flow of blood through his cardio-patient system, and scientists gave him anticoagulant.

The first opinion that doctors have a & # 39; trying to shave the shadow of the thrombus that some blood cells have been removed to bronze the patient and that was so strong. For a number of days, the patient will extract blood pieces to the last end, put off her & # 39; choc, whole leaf of the correct bronchial tree.

The photograph was published in the magazine magazine in November and went around the world. The doctors who questioned what happened: "We were surprised, knowing that you can not think, this is true, very, very rare," said another expert.

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