The judge Alejo Ramos Padilla has rejected the request for the inability of the accused Carlos Stornelli – 04/01/2019

Federal judge Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla, has agreed on the Monday where a network of Egyptians is said to have been arrested, tried and reinstated. in captivity. deceased lawyer Marcelo D Alessio, and where the accused has been involved.

The procurator fiscal, who argues that the incapacitated master has broken into a case because the truth is "if they have taken place, it is the responsibility of the Federal Capital" t, required under that premise that the wind resulting from the survey was several times.

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In that line, none of the applications came to the judge again for questioning, which he won in order to be named in a "rebellion".

His solicitor, Roberto Ribas, explained last week to reiterate that secret, and that is why the intention was not to interfere with Stornelli 'the potential' of the Dolores. T .

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"The judge, who is breaking the logic, continues to ask that he has the ability, if you review the truth, all of them are in the Federal City, "said the lawyer in contacting the media. t

But Ramos Padilla says that they met in the spa town of Pinamar, which is in their sovereignty.

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