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The message of Santiago del Moro when he welcomed "Intratables": "The day I interviewed with Mauricio Macri, with my wife we ​​lost being heavy"

After five years running the program, Santiago del Moro said farewell Intratables. The driver, who was able to find out Teleshow to replace it Diego Leuco, said he was living with emotion that was finally broadcast at the end of his / her; traveled to America and opened his heart to tell him the first time one of the most difficult of his life.

Del Moro remembered his interview Mauricio Macri at the Quinta de Olivos on 9 August 2017 and revealed, just a while before that meeting, He learned that his wife lost a fertility.

"Life is a bit of life, because life is like that too: good and bad. I'm happy, I want to be strong But that day … And it's been a recent animation; , a few weeks. He was made to the first bird and soundtrack I was crying to make the note ", the driver started with his story.

"He asked me and what he was doing; crossing my mind … As I was selected to make that note. Everyone had the importance of the environment, from my colleagues and the people involved, so I got Olivos in that situation. Tell me that I am professional and I did it. It was a very painful minute ", he made sure, with the tears of his eyes.

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Not to expect to go into that piano memory, he said well to his colleagues, the leaders of the channel and listeners: "Today in the evening, My tears fell and I said: "How far back I will not go; crying, mother … I complete a visit as I started: good ".

Eventually broadcasting was made Liliana Parodi, a program manager in America, and won a few words of the driver's heart: "We have done a great job. You've been a captain on this ship that will keep it sailing. You are also, but in this moment we split. So, how things should be: in general, it seems that everyone needs to be lost or angry. Here, none of these things happened. They are just life-making decisions. "

"With Santiago I feel that this is a mac, including. And as a child, you must also let it fly and that the other part of the son lives with us. So, there's no lagrimitas there, you have to put the batteries and you have to continue with the rest of the team, more people, more guests. This is amazing, I pretend that the country was like it and everyone could be able to do it; understand each other in this way. Let's let it go, "said Parodi.

Mention, mention of Del Moro Daniel Vila, president of Grupo América: "It gave me the ability to work and the full freedom to make this program. When he needed to be crucial, he was. When he had to tell strange things to me, tell me. But always from the place where there is a look, so the father ".

And he concluded: "My relationship with America was to end such an end, it did not end, they are easpses. I hope to return to this channel. It is a place of excellence: if your devices do not have to face the air, the situation takes you. It's a hard channel: live life. Thank you for everything Sorley we will meet in this house, because America is my home ".

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