The Ministry of Transport provided Flybondi and Avian Flight Airways 290: airplane to Malvinas is included

The Government officially authorized the company "low cost" Flybondi full of 284 cabotage and international airways, including the route between the city center Buenos Aires and Falkland Islands.

The decision was formally made through the Ministry of Transport, which was released on Thursday in the # 39; decision Official Journal.

"Identification to authority for company FB Línea Aero SA internal use and international services that are not consistent of air transport of passengers, cargo and jobs with large planes ", according to official text.

Transport clarified that the route has worked Buenos Aires-Malvinas Islands "It will be subject to the result of consultations with Government authorities Foreign Affairs Ministry and worship. "

He also stressed that "most of the paths within the Flybondi application want points inside the country and they are suggesting that cities will Connecting together who has communication in many situations at the moment and need to go through Buenos Aires. "

Ministerial notices have permission to & # 39; allowed to work 284 tracks It was debated at the public hearing held on the last 5 October, and stressed the proposal that Flybondi "aims to meet the needs of transport regular services are not delivered and represent, therefore, an element of a general resource for the community. "

He also confirmed that the routes were pre-assessed by the company "arranged a new network of services within which promotes inter-departmental communication, which connects different areas of the country through the air, and also licensed move forward to the decline of Buenos Aires, promotes its adoption policy and its; Enabling the connection between cities that are not currently in contact. "

"These services allow a response to the request that may be provided in this way with additional options to meet their transport needs, and # 39 ; including the offer of this type of benefit by overseas operators, "according to the settlement.

At the same time, the Ministry of Transport also took the company Air the "permitting to operate regular and international passenger transport, freight and cargo services with large aircraft and with failing power and / or change scale" six cabotage routes.

According to the Resolution 1083/2018 which was published in the Official Gazette on December 12, "extended term of expression issued for a period of time fifteen (15) years counted from the date on which this message was issued ".

He says "the airline needs Avian Líneas SA" before using the rights conferred on this purpose Air Services Operating Certificate (CESA) is as strong as the air transport services are available. "

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