The missing people! Facebook launched a new emosis and amazed everyone

Facebook gives 157 new entities added to a design review

The Menlo Park company confirmed that its main emosis update for 2018 is now available to most users. The rehearsal will provide 157 new emojis as well as a great design review.

These are some of the publications and changes:

This update identifies the second major redesign of Emoji's California warrior system in less than two years.

The six Emoji 11.0 new smile are present: Facial smile with 3 hearts, Face Next Face, Face Face, Face Face, Face Face Parking and Face Pair.

Below is a selection of emojis that has seen major changes in this format. These designs are now clear with stronger dimensions and near 3D design.

This is a change in the context of previous designs, and its & # 39; Commenting on the trends explored in Apple and WhatsApp's design seats in recent years.

When re-designed, from a giant of California, they discovered that the motivation behind the new set was to respond to the different platforms that # 39; already.

"We realized there was a need for home pressure, color and energy on a variety of surfaces, such as cameras, stories, videos, etc. The latest result is emoji that is not only more interesting and more fun, but also there is more depth and measurement. "

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