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The Mohamed Turks were exhibited in Hurran: "We hope this fairy tale will be completed by" finishing "

Antonio Mohamed was officially donated as a Huracan coach, after leaving Gustavo Alfaro a Beul, and stressed his desire for that "the fairy tale is happy", in his fourth visit at the end of his boat Globe.

In the hall "Horacio Ferrer"of the stadium Tomás Adolfo Ducó, an Turkish recognized the club Patricios Park his "life", because he is a "loved" entity and his & her; considered rather than "in the world".

"We will hope this time that the fairy tale is finished by a happy end. I did not think about Rehistoric Reinforcing because my final step was very painful. By clicking here, it's a # 39; hurt the triple. Without any doubt, "explained a modern DT.

That is when he closed his third round, the club harassment won two pages (an Argentine Cup, in 2014, and the Supercup Argentina, in 2015); reinforced in First (today it would start Season 19/20 in & # 39; 5 high of the average); and he often participates in the international field (the COpa Libertadores 2019 This is the fifth in attendance from 2015).

"I come to the best, we all dream the same: take Hur to the highest. And that's where I'm coming, "to estimate its coach, which comes from bad knowledge in the coach Celta de Vigo of the Spanish League.

In terms of the habitat, Mohamed He did not hide his idea until the archer became Marcos Díaz Stay at the center: "I like to stay with you. He is the biggest player important in our history. It has been shown for a long time. Marcos's death is an archer. After front wheel and steering wheel"

at last Turkish, they will be helpers Gustavo Lema and Raúl Gordillo (two who were the Door), and started on their & # 39; His first round, which does not exceed the classic the face San Lorenzo, an 20 January in & # 39; Pedro Bidegain. "This is the first time New Gasometer because I have never been the technology and When I played there the game was not there"he finished.

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