The name Dracula, the most famous celebrity who is registered, can put its geese at 320kph



December 12, 2018 16:53:38

The world's fastest moving animal is an ant. Yes, you read that correctly.

Main points:

  • Dracula ants has a new record set for fastest moving animals in the world
  • They will print their mandadan together to expand power so that they can. bending his copy
  • Superintendent researchers used fast to capture the motion

According to a study by the University of Illinois, the name Dracula, also known as Mystrium camillae, also generates 5,000 times faster than geese; splitting human eyes at 320km per hour, making it the fastest moving animal movement in the West-

They can be found in Australia, tropical Africa and the South East.

Researchers say that a tiny blood creature empowers their mandibles to do it; putting together the tips, the spring is not reduced by pressure when one flow is made on the other – similar to a human fingerprint.

"These divisions are amazing because their mandibles are quite unusual," said the animal biology scientist Andrew Suarez, who helped to conduct the survey guidance.

"Even inside the berries that have the power to increase their game, the Dracula divisions are unique. Instead of using three different parts for the spring arm, the shirt and the Lever, all three come together in the mandable.

"These ants use this move to overlap other artifacts, they may be surprised, without breaking or removing a tunnel wall. Then the raid will be moved on back to the nest, where it is baited to larvae. "

Fredrick J. Larabee, formerly researcher researcher at the National Museum of Natural History of Smithsonian, was also inspected.

"Scientists have described many different ways of spring printing, but one did not know how fast each of these was," he said.

"We have to use very fast cameras to see all of the move. We also used the technology of photography to see their anatomy in three dimensions, to better understand how the movement works. "

The team also made computing symbols of the tools that were in a different format of different legs of dracklers to test how the shape and structure of the mandadan influenced the power of their snap.

"Our main findings are the fastest jumps in the fastest jobs, and the fastest moving moment that is now known," said Mr Larabee.

"By comparing the format of its pages with biting caterpillars, we also learned that it did only make small changes in the form of the blacksmiths to develop a new job – work as a spring. "


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