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The new Sega console that comes back from the time gone

Always comes back, and our voice is often heard from time to time, but in a video games area more often. Originally the Nineso (NES Mini) and then Sony (Playstation Classic) it is currently an SEGA version of returning Genesis.

The weekend was held in Tokyo on the Sega Fun Meet Up and the company announced the return of the Genesis Mini or Mega Drive Mini (expected last year) will be on 19 September 2019, in February. there are 40 classic games that feature Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco an Dolphin and Castlevania: Bloodlines.

"This is a completely different version of the one published by Haruki Satomi (president of Sega-Sammy) last year at Sega Fes," Hiroyuki Miyazaki, who will lead the project, explained. AtGames was initially said to be working and launched in 2018 in the Japanese market, for the Mega Drive 30th anniversary. Following supporters of a global publication and complaint about the AtGames work in Sega Genesis Flashback, the team started the project to get the highest possible. T

“After all, we might only do this once, so we decided to take our time and do it well,” said Miyazaki.

They have clearly monitored recent successes and failures of other conurbations and have been having significant success. For example, after the fans complained about the small number of classic cars NES and SNES, SEGA decided that control volumes were less than 2 meters in the Mini Mega Drive controls.

SEGA offers different versions between those in the West and Japan. The Mega Drive Mini offers two clicks with three buttons and a two meter cable, and in the Japanese version there will be an edition with six button control and a double-controlled edition.

These controls will connect to the consular through two upgraded USB ports. Different connection so this Mini Drive Mega will not be compatible with the original controls.

In addition to the USB ports, the Mini Mega Mini Mini has a power cable and an HDMI output to connect with television.

The Mega Drive had a small Jack connection which would directly transfer an ear-tune to the console, but this feature would not be included in the new one.
Apart from the connections, there is another significant size in comparison to the original. The original ratio is expected to be retained but the Mini Mega Drive will be 55% less than the original. The new Consul's width is around the same size as the first remote control.

All the games save the game at any time and work at 60Hz, changing from the original experience, but they provide a lot more flexible and timelier results.

The SEGA "Genesis Mini", as it has been calling for the time, arrives in September to stores worldwide at the same price as 6,890. T Yen for one version of control and 8,980 for two controls. At the exchange rate (excluding taxes) there would be around 2700 and 3500 individual Argentine pesos.

Mega Drive, first launched in Japan in October 1988, then joined the USA as Genesis in August 1989. He finally arrived in Europe and other lands in November 1990, but by December 1990 t his original name. Each department has different colors and differences on the first model, which are reprinted faithfully in the individual versions.

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