The online purchasing of daily daily uses is available; growing and more than paid by card debit – 02/28/2019

"I bought it online"A phrase that has been heard so recently has been difficult to believe that online trading is only 5% of sales across the country. The atmosphere is different because, According to the renewal that made digital technology to our life, expanding and exporting each year to its shape. This is shown by the figures published by the Chamber Argentine Electric Companies (CACE) this Thursday in its annual report, prepared by the Kantar TNS company: In 2018 25% of more items were sold than a previous year, and there are more Argentinians who bought online at least once a month.

He also got land (and they promise to continue on this, they said in the show) a payroll that still had very little online presence in 2017: the hunting card, which was used on the internet from 1% to 7%.

But since the export is more in Argentine truth, too emerging in economic crisis. According to the CACE report, Leave the objects related to recreation a small place to the need, something that is expected in the inflation context and its; depreciation of real wages.

So, there are a number of things that they use everyday or that are linked to everyday needs that make a numerical jump in relation to its & # 39; 2017. This is how to buy it drinks, food and cleaning supplies, which increased by 63% in revenue compared to the previous year. In the CACE exhibition, Gustavo Sambucetti, the founding director of that entity, explained that "more people who buy their online shop store".

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In addition, more Arrows were found children 's materials through the net, rather than personally go to ordinary buildings. "They may have looked at the prices and materials to a business, or a few, and consulted on the internet, but ended up to buy online, "explained Sambucetti. The increase in spending in this area is spectacular, 82%, and includes items such as clothing for boys, baby shows and toys.

Buy Performing and hitting, with an increase of 72% in bills. Part of this increase is tied to small increase of these products among young people. Given that it is still stable – as is the CACE report of 2017 – the very classical department in the purchase of men and women (them, technology, tools, cars and sports equipment, tickets to exhibitions, clothing and personal care items), the small years they went from focusing on web-based and online courses, to buy telephony, paired and personal care. To see this last feature, it's enough to circulate social networks for a while …

Another thing that is increasing materials and construction tools: its place is in total online sales (1%), but they grow almost 70% annually. Are they buying really? "No, it's the choice of individuals," they made sure from CACE to Clarin.

Sambucetti drew the line that connects the loops in those areas by a more offer: "Not only are more people who buy online. There are also many people and other companies that offer those products on the web."

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In fact, the things that still account for 50% of internet total purchases (as in other years) tourism, electronic material, furniture and decoration. But the increase in the income of these factors does not appear to grow so large, depending on the large spend in 2018, of 1.8% (data from the Kantar Worldpanel).

That is, although the CACE reports that there are more sales of 47% from the companies that it represents There were 156,300 million pesos to be paid in 2917 and 229,760 million pesos in 2018, Sambucetti gave what appears clearly: "In terms of inflation, it can be said we are tied"

How does Argentine buyer move? The report reports that there were 79 million purchasing orders, 32% more than a; previous year. They researched and made concrete more buy through cell phone in 2017 (it ranged from 39% to 45%), which suits it Increase in the use of shopping apps, although the sites are still growing. The 83% process of spending will start with them.

Those who bought at least once a month from 42% in 2016 to 49% in 2018. In the same proportion an e-retailers "Sometimes", who may buy, maybe, every six months.

In the exhibition, Valeria Forwe, senior consultant from Kantar TNS, aimed at "the largest quality"What is Argentina's trade doing:" Before that, We asked people about the disadvantages of online shops and they always reported two problems. Now they only account for one. "He stressed" the small security in payments and in handling the data, it was announced with fewer customers: it ranged from 15% to 9% annually ".

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Eventually, all transactions came to an average cost 2,900 pesos, An additional 12% than in 2017.

But in Argentina Everything is not online: the report also shows that the payments with credit cards decreased from 92% to 78%, and in addition to a & # 39; land debt, the cash payments were up, which is now counted for 11% (compared to 7% in 2017).

Is that a lot, most (54%), a & # 39; decide to complete this process by clicking on the # 39; pull out "at a time of sale". In CACE they interpreted this data: "It can focus an economic question, but in particular it deals with the times in order to abandon the product. More help has been sought"


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