The same as one of the Libertarian Cupa River, with a superfigure from the bank – 12/09/2018

The river warriors at the 2018 Copa Libertadores had high levels, especially in the second half of Santiago Bernabéu. Change the entry Juan Fernando Quintero changed. The Colombian figure is the figure in Madrid and the author part 2 to 1. Franco Armani, Gonzalo Martínez and Lucas Pratto, have the other high points of the Marcelo Gallardo team.

Franco Armani (7): He returned to make a good play. After a few decisions with some mistakes, in Madrid he returned to the level that went on to the National Team. Well above and not reviving in the ropes he got. Pay attention always.

Gonzalo Montiel (5): He changed good and bad. He spent his project on the right. It came out in the second half with some discomfort.

Jonatan Maidana (5): It was paid in the Benedetto goal. With disrepair, it is almost a bit against him. In accordance, the statue was proposed and modified. Wanchope Abila was well.

Javier Pinola (6): Another man was open at Pipa's goal, but then he took hold of the plane and his / her; off the bottom.

Milton Casco (6): Right in the mark and when he put it put to the left invasion. There were no problems and always hurting him when he saw places.

Enzo Pérez (6): Although he had some uncertain paths, the middle park was blocked when Ponzio came out. He performed his dream about winning a River Cup, and that is why he returned from abroad.

Leonardo Ponzio (5): He always had a presence, although he was a little uncertain. It was preserved with 27% of the correct yellow card. It was very good in some plays. Gallardo released it to send Quintero.

Ignacio Fernández (6): She had a good partnership, especially in her share. Right He did not have a greater silence at the time he was aiming at the goal. He made a great wall with Palacios and helped Pratto for his / her equality.

Exequiel Palacios (6): He played not to stress his & # 39; arm that often became a real Madrid shirt. Safe and exciting. Definitely sure. As soon as Nacho Fernandez came to follow his sword.

Gonzalo Martínez (7): He said in a great way. In his last show with a river shirt, Pity was again at a Superclassic height. Moving, fast, intense. Breeze is a & # 39; The goal at the end of the Cup was knocked down by 3-1.

Lucas Pratto (7): One of the main points of the team. The clutter was always to use Boca protectors. Andrada gave him penalties that were not allowed by the Cunha referee. Then it can stop and get the score 1-1.

Juan Quintero (9): He went into 12 minutes of the second half and changed the story about the Superfinal. Due to its quality and clarity that River gave the game if it had to turn the final. And it was sent out with the left wing from 2 to 1, which created a break in a closed game process. Decrease

Camilo Mayada (6): He replaced Montiel by integrating equality. He had no problem for his division.

Julián Alvarez (6): It was included at 6 a first time. The boy did not cry at a time of heat. Unemployment and skill

Bruno Zuculini (-): It started at 5 of the second additional time to bring in and give a conversation in the media field.

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