The "San Rafael" oil department will be sold again after a contract breach

In 2008, the Celso Jaque government had made a lot of oil production in the two regional galleries, which delivered a number of oil companies to different areas, although their favorite level became YPF.
Several of these areas stayed for "year" in "limbo" and the signed contracts were finalized. Many of the offers were brought back and in the last days the decline of the rest was held: Ñacuñán and San Rafael
After a dispute for a contract breakdown for ten years ago, finally an agreement could be reached and final conflicts were made. The region will return to the province and may be offered in the short term.
As defined by the Hydrocarbons Directorate, "these areas were allocated to Ketzal Kilwer in the bid that was set up in 2008 and moved to YPF in 2011. By: Geological interest for its company, in a share with the province, YPF chooses to pay the amount that is not deposited and thus leave the vacant areas for other operators "
This completes the current oil conditions in the # 39; a major department, a process by which eight areas have been restored, to be returned to representation. Now, the department will be able to replicate the areas after successful experience in other issues such as The Parliaments in El Sosneado.

It is an area in the north and west of the region, which has researched over 40 years ago.
Investigating fountain drives back to the 60s and 70s, with some of their support from an incredible view, notably those located in the Huayquerías area, due to its strength in was the relief.
The data from that time did not capture information, despite the interest it was investigating, because close to the searches made in the southern section of the beneficial product of Mendoza Norte.
The temporary works are restricted to the "rail" section that connects Monte Comán, Guadales and Aristides Villanueva stations. The drill in this section was overlapping sedimentary rows similar to those of Mendoza Norte, with good physical conditions, but washed with salt water. However, here again the information provided is uncertain about how to ask for the study of classical structures, and its. leaving the stratigraph closure separately. It can be said that it is a completely complex area of ​​its surface expansion.

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