The shorter seals are eels spinning

Like many of the species at risk, Hawaiian's monk seal has been trying to draw attention to many experiments – some of them as weird because they are hard.

In July, self-esteem revealed that three seals had died from a disease called toxoplasmosis, caused by a microscopic pharasite toxoplasma gondii – commonly found in catworts.

"Cat Turd killed seals," was a good leader. But nobody was running with it.

Sometimes times require urgent steps

Last week, one of the 1400 monastic seals who had left advertisements for himself … flippers, and put it for a picture with a eel to keep up her nose.

The Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program (HMSRP), Honolulu – is part of a NOAA United States Fishing group – posted the picture on its Facebook Facebook page.

"Monday" maybe it was not good for you, but it has to be better than an eel in your nose, "said the HMSRP Brittany Dolan on a & # Facebook page 39; program.

Ms Dolan explained that this is only one time.

Hawaiian monks seal explores Frigate Shoals coral reefs in the Hawaiian Islands in the northwest. Photograph: NOAA / Mark Sullivan Fishing, photo taken by permission

Emergency to swim

"We have now found young seals with eels that are going to live in their windows many times," she wrote. "In every case the eel was successfully removed and the seals were correct. But these eels did not do it."

Most of the comments on the page were commonly covered: "When an eel spreads out and bends on your hill, that is Moray, "wrote Greg Boness.

Johann Peter Lall believed: "Where are these young seals learning this eel? Video games?"

Maureen Winter gave a look from his mother: "As little children and
peas … "

Indeed, the image was taken away, Twitter-lines lamented the decline of the seal, and more stories about the beautiful monk seagull in past days were probably a good, ever.

Her first needle seal was seen away from Hawaii's Lisianski Island in 2016. The search was not a lot of photographs as her Most of the eel has risen up the nose and down the neck of the seal, leaving a tale like a jaw; It could be easy to become a bit weird.

Just continue to drag, slowly

Since then, special protocols – variations of the magician's play were slowly hacked out of a pocket – developed to remove the chips from the seed trees.

But why do they carry them in the first place? There are two theories in the research program.

Initially, seals to blind will be provided for food with the faces, and push the mouth and the dances under the rocks and into coral reef stones. So eels may be struggling with the kernels as a defensive strategy.

The other idea is that the seals completely complete eels, and then revive them through their nails.

But why is it happening right now? The program has been watching seals for 40 years – and the eel-snorting is a new thing.

In a statement, the HMSRP said: "We do not know it's just a harsh statistical dispute, or if we see more eels in seals in the future."

Expert expert director and director Charles Littnan The Washington Post: "It's almost emotional as one of the moves of teenagers that has happened. One youth seal has been a really dreadful thing and now the other people try to raise the profile to do it.

"I agreed calmly for them to stop," he said, as it is possible for the eels to be a health risk for the seals.

They already have enough problems.

Large seals enjoy tourist attractions. tourist attraction, especially for cèilidhs who are looking for people who are looking for a visitor. meet with a sweet-eyed creature.

But peat seals have been struggling to survive since the Polynesians came ashore in Hawaii, about 1500 years ago, and they killed her. Most for meat and oil.

Amongst the current problems include climate change, disease, toxins and parasites, basking sharks and, ultimately, a murder with people; suffer from the protection status of the seal: when a seal runs on a beach with humans, a setup is set up, which wants to play with the dogs and its like to continue; whims.

It is expected that it will cost the $ 3737 million ($ 525 million) feature and its product; 54 years.

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