The three teams of the Mellizo – 08/12/2018

Guillermo's team has to face the River in a final and Cup. Yes, yes, but he does not. going to start. It is certain that the previously-trained training handles a hand on Gallardo, helping to combine the strategy, take time to find a way for the injury. Then he holds it. "The team is only me," he said at a Friday news conference. And he confirmed this Saturday training.

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Boca coach organized a football trick with three different creatures. The first one we say Team A, Benedetto and Wanchope B & B; as points, as it tried in the last two users, with five double digits; including Nández and Barrios and Pavón starting from the middle of the field. To the left, finishing a line of four players, b> It is Pablo Pérez, and in the back office, the four that are in insurance: already, Buffarini, Izquierdoz, Magallán and Olaza. This defense was once again in the three collections.

Team A. 4-4-2 with a middle starter Pavón and both of them; built up.

After a while, Mellizo dropped his hand and stopped I prayed we say it Team B. He had a Villa instead of Benedetto but with the change of names there was also a difference in the scheme. That is, Pavón left half of the field going from the left, played by the old Deportes Tolima in Colombia; outdoors on the right and Wanchope was on 9. So, then, both of them broke and there were three players in the middle: Nández, Barrios and Pablo Pérez.

Team B. 4-3-3 with Villa on the right, Pavón on the left and Àbila on 9.

However, obviously, there were not two other options for Guillermo, who would change the name and scheme again, causing Team C. In this third form, the postkeeper's football was captured: Mauro Zárate. Standing behind the 9, b & # 39; The one forwarded through Villa is the connection between the mid player and Habila, the team never left. Four back, four in the middle of the court, one solution and a really good tip.

Team C. 4-4-1-1 with central Pavón, Zárate de hook and Wanchope as the only thing.

Tevez is likely to not appear in any of the three teams that stopped Mellizo, who provided the free weekend for free until they reached a break in the final with the River. A Cowboy coach may be expected to go to her berry as a wildcard if the game wants to do so. Or probably the letter that surprised you in the first created. Take one to know. After that, Guillermo's team is only …


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