The town will investigate a river fan; a torch hide in a baby's clothes

The image shows the overflow that created the duel for its & # 39; final of the Libertadores Cup. In the previous game a video was included in which a The river gate that is small to use & # 39; reefing so they can go into the stadium.

The series was broadcast by social networks and shows a woman displaying a screen with failure to get a baby's body, which is considered to be your daughter or relative.

The move was months before it happened climbing from River Plate supporters to the Monumental stadium, where the Super Final of the Copa Libertadores was going to play. The aim was aimed at avoiding caches and blocking work.

Superintendent Secretary of Defense, Buenos Aires Marcelo D 'Alessandro, has been ratified Group: The complaint is being investigated by the keeper of old people.

The statues were so large that it reached international media, such as Spanish sports sports papers Brand and Mar.

The sports tournament was suspended Saturday later the attack that suffered the mummy Boca Juniors herring was there.

The whole day was staying there Climate tension due to decoration of the party, which included events on the streets around Antonio Vespucio Liberti's stadium.

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