The twelve signs that show something of yourroid is something wrong, the important thing is to do with; ban or control

18 February, 2019 – 18:59
When the body gives messages that something is wrong, it is & # 39; proposes to go privately into a specialist

The good thing is that your choice is to suspend or control these conditions if you take into account the symptoms that your body gives you. Often when we do not feel good we say we have simple or no worrying cold. But if our company has a & # 39; Give us regular indications that something is wrong, we should go to a specialist. Especially if these problems are related to the thyroid.
This small gland in the neck is just above the clavicle, is responsible for its & # 39; creating thyroid (T3 and T4) hormones that manage growth and development, metabolism, body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure.
If something goes wrong, there may be two bundles: hyperthyroidism (when the thyroid gland causes too much hormonal) or not; (when the thyroid gland does not produce hormone enough). Both diseases are made by a defensive factor, where the organism is antibodies that begin to; affecting the organ that makes it work in an unsuitable manner.
The good thing is that your choice is to stop or to # 39; control these conditions if you take into account the symptoms that your body gives you and you continue to cure a specialist:

1. You feel sad or sad

Changing this gland can affect your enjoyment. When you do not make too little, the serotonin levels in the brain will be changed, and # 39; gives you a feeling worse than usual or even bad. If the event is happening, it can make more emergency, be more funny or harder.

2. Constipation

One of the 3 most common symptoms in people with one of these conditions is to get problems to the dining room.

3. You sleep much

We have all trouble getting up in the morning, but when this becomes the day-to-day aristocracy, it's time to visit a specialist. Inactive thyroids can cause your corporate activities to be very slow.

4. Call hair and dry skin

The lack of thyroid may cause your skin to be drier than normal, less bone or if you grow your skin; grow. And you may see a big sight of hair.

5. Awareness of stress suddenly

Increasing the weight of any major change in your diet can be a sign that you have a problem with your fight. And you will try to reduce your weight, but it costs you a lot. This is a proportion with which more women have a & # 39; visit a doctor to make tests and see everything is right.

6. You do not have a personal interest

When you give a little doroid, you can lose libido. This will also add you to your stress, feeling uncomfortable or if you are so emotional.

7. A furious and worried pain

If you start feeling a lot of pain when you move and it will last for days or parts of your body to sleep more often than usual, it can be a sign that something is wrong with your fight.

8. Your heart is flowing

If you feel that your heart is a #; Fighting faster or you can be very impressive that you have the mill or your handle. This may be due to a lot of thyroid hormone that will flood your system.

9. You feel uncertain

Too much of the result of thyroid can make you more difficult to take care of and make you aware.

10. High blood pressure

If you have a high blood pressure and the healthiest lifestyle or exercise does not get better, it's time to visit a doctor. Inflammatory disease can cause high levels of cholesterol "bad" that can cause heart problems.

11. Increase request or amendments in & # 39; the hedgehog

If you are now feeling that some things are u0026quot; taste differently or do not smell in a different way, maybe it's due to & # 39; And you do less thyroid. In case of an increase in thyroid, it can cause an increase.

12. Confidence in the neck or the bodach
It makes sense to put pain in these parts, since the gland is there. Some of the signs may have been a snap in your neck or tone change. Look in the mirror and try to give any attention to your neck.

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