The "veranito" of the dollar and the uncertainty of voting – 02/09/2019

An "Veranito" of the dollar Continuing to & # 39; indicates the financial revival of the first election year which, according to experts, has a three-stage project.

These levels or steps are decorated according to what is considered as the induction in foreigner money into the country and how the level of interest is being made; grow.

Features are well defined by the current man and responding to a realistic fact to the world: the owner of the Nature Reserve, Jerome Powell, advanced and reinforced several times that the level of interest is rising in the US. It will stop.

That decision changed the direction of capital movement around the world and extended an external outlook countries that rise.

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after that Turkey, Uruguay, Paraguay and a number of other countries have marketed and found credit at levels considered reasonably. Upcoming Argentina he never heard one cost enhancement and attachment and reducing the country's risk from a very high level to 630 points.

It can be said that this is new "Wind wind" outdoors and policy for bankruptcy with high levels; Central Bank is essential to excavate the exchange rate of the last few weeks by dollar at $ 37.82 in a huge tour.

Amongst many, two questions are created by financial market spectators:until that time "veranito" lasts the dollar? andwhen and how many Is there an emphasis on the uncertainty in elections in & # 39; exchange market abroad?

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Those things are the thing that is in pesos (Term fixed at 39.6% and large investments at 40.8% per annum) The situation is applicable and supply of dollars; relate to the understanding of investors that affect the dollar in the short term.

They estimate that the next level is the same between April and June, when the income from a cereal export dollar was intensely wound.

In other words, for that time, it is believed, to a good extent, too there will be more dollars than pesos going around and, therefore, the "veranito" may have an extension.

This situation is also genuinely supported without the sale of the Finance Department US $ 8,000 million of the Financial Fund loan to meet public sector payments.

As a backdrop, analysts ensure that the Medium Bank continues to continue with the # 39; cash contraction policy and should be read because mental rates are going out of inflation for a long time.

Existing for the advanced level they are starting in June, the prehistoricity is not so strong.

No one is in danger of doing what degree of dollarization Pre-election at this time, as at other times, will move to the time of expectations of the polling surveys.

However, from a financial place, they risk that the situation is marked with fewer dolphins and more dollars; go round.

In the Government they refuse to do it optimistic economic statements but they, at that time, have a trust that salary earns a point in inflation.

And that will be added, as usual, the revival of beliefs Money with money from ANSeS for pre-election times and, even so bigger, after the bad problems of known casualties and economic activity.

The tail from abroad continues to & # 39; Promote calm exchange rate, bar development and Argentine stock, and reduce interest rates. But he can not continue to turn a strong decline in which the country is immersed. Protection times and short steps are to see if the policy is to open up a new horizon.

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