The world's highest scientist at inflation believes that policy policy changes are central; Central is very positive


For a creator one of the most important policy principles in the past decades, "insufficient attenuation is a goal, a policy strategy must be followed" when you set up and & # 39; Adhering to the scheme aimed at inflation.

John Taylor (71), a university professor at Stanford and economist advisor to the US chiefs Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and George H. Bush, considered to make lower inflation in countries such as Argentina, the key does not reduce the number, but there is a clear purpose and good communication about ".

When he visited the country for a conference at the CEMA University, the expert on cash policy and the creation of the Taylor Act – which establishes a relationship between the level of interest, inflation and growth in the economy – he held a meeting with Group: and other ways.

The pupil He clearly highlighted the transparency of money policy behave forward Guido Sandleris, president of the Central Bank, who met months before he met. "The simple facts about being able to see the moneygroups and to see their central banking on the Central Bank page are very positive," he said.

Taylor explains himself as a defender inflation targets, but believe that these are not as useful "sometimes where there is a high level of inflation or distribution – The fall in prices – but there are better results in a region that is in the middle of those situations. "" Even in the United States it was tried and did not work, "Taylor explained, before he clarified when his country tried to inflation" there was no goal At a specific number, they said we want inflation to be so low; as possible & # 39; ".

In that sense, the economist summarized, "the purpose and policy is to reach the most important thing", and not particularly a specific number being sought. "We need to make a difference in the work of the system's financial policy rules for moving from a high level of inflation to a low level," Taylor said when he explained why "essential" inflation target scheme was not the best option to increase the reduced prices as the Government sought long & Federico Sturzenegger was in Central.

In comparison, his father said the way in which many countries used when confirming interest rates: "When the US added the inflation to the problem, it initially invaded the cash sum and moved forward to focus on targets and ". That's why, he says that there is a current method of Centralization for the freezing of the silver coin, or the amount of money that he has; circulated in the economy and some money, right.

Talk to a question about it Reasonable impact confiscated to the high levels of interest at Central America, the academy said that the first order in the economy is the priority of the person who; come into the prices, like Argentina, "which is lower inflation, hence lowering rates and the rest of the variables are included"When the rates fell, he concluded," the most important thing is to look at the expectation of inflation, this connection is: when expected, levels come down and not on the other " .

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