Their focus on Crash Team Races is true!

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<p>The facts were absolutely true. Today through the service <strong>2018 Awards Awards</strong>Activision is provided <strong><em>Crash Nitro-Fueled Team Running</em></strong>, reviving the classic<strong><em>    Crash Team Repair</em></strong>    since 1999 that has given us so many hours of sport in the first PlayStation era.<span class=

The first thing is the most important thing to say Crash Nitro-Fueled Team Running launched on June 21th on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Beenox is the studio that is responsible for this development, according to the original Activision, which was not well known for our collaboration in the series of Skylanders. It is something that is important to note that the classic modes of his game, and will have an online multiplayer.

From now on you can stop it Crash Nitro-Fueled Team Running In the usual places, the thing is, indeed, still enough to launch it officially. Without more, we leave you with your video progress, as well as some pictures.

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