Thelma Fardín crisis in Nicaragua: who looked after the children "Ugly Duckling" on the trips

Sunday, May 17, 2009. In the evening in Managua, Nicaragua. End of her trip Quickly, the shortest presentation for Latin America The exhibition at the Santo Domingo Galleries, the final show before returning home sold: vip tickets were sold out $ 40. The boys were happy: the success had been terrible. In addition, they were warned in the hotel's dining room Tuesday where they lived, there was a big cake; Waiting for them to mark an actress birthday in the & # 39; the castle. There was a climate of celebration.

"We came from the stadium and the hotel went down. I gave pictures to show my mom. They brought us to the bottom, to the place of the pool and they closed it, because even those who paid for wanting to go. get to the castle ", they remembered their actress Thelma Fardín presented to journalist Luciana Peker when she described the survival she lived when she was only 16 years old and was convicted by Juan Darthés.

The fans had attacked each corner of the hotel to be close to the images. "The natives came, they are not cloned, and this is the achievement of many children's dreams that follow Argentine strips Duckling Hedgehog by Channel 2 ", Nicaraguan's representative had been happy Magdalena Lobeto gu New diary of your country.

At the Holiday Inn door, in the corridors, there was an incentive situation. The teenagers who were part of the El Trece's successful television crew – which in 2007 and 2008 had destroyed the numbers – they could not believe what they were doing; stay so far from home.

"They tell us that we can not go to the lobby in any way because it was deleted. We did not protect a delegation group. To go to my room, I will go upstairs. Behind me this man comes. I remember his paintings ", and his heroic heat Thelma.

A company that is over the tour -DG Entrepreneur, de Daniel Grinbank, who had closed his trip with Ideas del Sur, who was the owner of the success of El Trece – taking a full floor of the hotel so that the children and their helpers were calm: they knew there were fans who would They rented chambers until they arrived in the corridors and wanted everything to be under control.

Follow Juan Darthés to the young actress. Thelma came to her room and realized that her cart was not working for her: she was blown away. "I came from the pool and I was with a basic shorcito, a little dress and a sligag. He said to me: "You can not go down to the reception. Why not call me from my room and have a card uploaded to you?"

When I was doing a & # 39; Clamed, the worst of the worst began. "He started to kiss my neck from the back, I was completely paralyzed." At that time he put me out completely. He took my hand, turned around me, made me connect it, he showed me he was right and said: & # 39; Look how you sent me & # 39;", she continued in the video she gave with the Argentine Actrices with her who helped her to express her forever.

"He threw me on the bed. The shorts run. He made oral genre. I do not say no, I do not say that and its name. It is going on and its & # 39; affect me. He put my fingers away. And in that time I say: & Your children are my age. I kept saying it was not. It is a strong expression. And, however, it's up to me and her; affect me. At that time they'll pull on the door to give me the card. That's getting it out of my way. I'll run to the door. He asks me not to go. I get in my room to take a long time. I did not understand, "he cried as long as he lived on the badly bad problem he had suffered for nine years.

The competition and the happiness of success had gone out for this girl who knew that terror was over. The person she had been working together for two years, the person who played cards with a castle with them on a trip, was raped.

Due to the drama and confident evidence of Themma Fardín, the questions will come: How could it happen? Who was responsible for the safety of the boys during their visit? Who cared for them?

Ideas from the south, with which Marcelo Tinelli, closed on the 2009 tour with DG Entertainment, by Daniel Grinbank, who is today organizing the exhibitions for America and the World of Disney materials as Violetta o I'm Luna.

"Ideas del Sur is the responsibility of the artists who are responsible for the artists in all their fields. We are responsible for the artistic, for licensing the product ", a & # 39; Grinbank explains. Teleshow.

"The producer is the content of the ones that are affected managers of talent, who is responsible for helping both adults and children "he explained.

"In cases where young people are, parents are usually empowered to allow them to travel and paperwork on behalf of their son. In case Duckling Hedgehog Ideas del Sur who put the talents managers, and I know about the companies' enforcement of children's care. In general, these tutors are the only thing that will happen to their & # 39; children throughout the year during the TV series schedules"

The producer explained that the work of these tutors is "to be in the day to day of the boys: not exceeding the timetables allowed for the small, fair diet, and agenda, the needs that may be them ".

"There are usually one talent leader who travels every five boys, and is headed by the head of the team that runs them. On that trip, Brenda Asnicar's mothers and Laura Esquivel traveled, many times ago, parents of mental entertainers are joined with the " their children – how they did Tini Stoessel on the trips Violetta– because the demands are larger than those who have, because they have to attend news conferences, photo sessions, interviews. "

Grinbank, married to Andrea Pietra, belongs to the group of actors, learned about the case in recent months when Thelma Fardín asked Actrices Argentinas to ask for help. "What's happening is really big, since the enemy was inside"Grinbank says.

"They were living together, they traveled together, a friendship of a raptor, a terrible crime, has had a detrimental effect on how dangerous the girl was trusting to . "

Tell us about the trips that the children can not leave the hotel. And everything is getting worse because Darthés came from two years of working with them and won the confidence of the teenagers in the stripe.

"The managers did not know talent about this situation, it's something amazing, spent in the same hotel, and Darthés used all his operations to be on the same floor, just a few rooms away, to make this evicted crime. This case is & # 39; cross the enclosures as it is even the best talent manager, with the best psychological support team, would have been shown by the great deal"he said.

The producer demonstrates that the truth is known today, "because silence causes those characters to be unfortunate." Inside the hard thing is something good for rescuing: there is a consensus in society that allowed Thelma to speak after nine years. As the only way to do this is to decide that there is no problem in silence. "

-And it's amazing when he learned about this new complaint against Darthes? Teleshow asked

-No, like that I always believed to Calu. I felt Darthés was not unfortunate. And this new act of abuse and seed did not prove but I was already feeling since Calu told him: he was able to do a lot.

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