Every day that passes Bethesda it is covered with more glory, and it was just yesterday afternoon when all the buyers with a ticket were able to support it; You can log in and not just see the tickets, but tickets for all users. The worst thing is that all users have access to all their personal data with an open ticket, which means names, email addresses and other personal information.


The tickets are also supported including uploaded documents, especially since many Powerout 76 Customers purchased a Power Armor 76 to collect their invoices to pay their backpack after the company was compliant with the offer and gave a few very low sacks. quality with the excuse they did not have material to make. Apparently, Those uploaded users could also be viewed by other clients, and information may have a part at least at & # 39; least from the credit card.

The problem was resolved by Bethesda, which today and unites its sites for a while, but not before users are identified with Reddit, Twitter and in Bethesda's official forums what happened.

through: PCGamesN