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There was a resettlement in the Stock Company in November: the crops got 7% ​​crops and hit the dollar

After falling 12% in October, the They distributed money from the US and received 4.9% in November, by minute from tax reduction of the Central Bank, although it was always inside their bands of arrangements arranged by the financial authority.

The dollar came to the end of the month to $ 38.77 for shop sales generally and to $ 37.72 In the market of a market, still near the floor; band "intervention" set up by the financial authority $ 36,105 for the 2nd of December. The fixed roof will be 46,724 pesos.

The money unit deepens their way down for induction rates in pesos, in & # 39; 60,753% annually, the lowest yield from 1 October.

It seems to be inflation reduction at a rate of 3% per month from November, depending on the variation of this band of the BCRA exchange provision, and after 6.5% jumped in September and 5.4% in October, weights grazing through the Letting Letters (LELIQ) collected around $ 300,000 million in two months.

This one Paid pays at registration rates in balance to Central Bank reaching $ 700,000 million, half of the Financial State, is set up to a minimum of 1,400,000 million pesos, within the Government framework "zero distribution" that the entity is led Guido Sandleris He promised to continue until June 2019.

Economist Gustavo Ber consider "the increased pressure together with selling BCRA income "contributing to" higher exchange provision ", which provided a service raising the dollar increase, which looked at the 40 pesos last Monday. "Despite this, and beyond a few seasons on the way, the largest dollarization of recordings would continue by the end of the year and 2019 with a great deal of uncertainty, "he said.

He stressed him Merval index of Margaidean and Argentine Markets (ByMA) November ended with a 7.1%, so far 31,482 points. In this framework, we should not give up 2018 is very negative for variable income, with an average profit of 5% in pesos, compared to inflation that exceeds 40% in eleven months.

"In terms of Merval's performance in November, it left an advantage in 7% pesos. there were better results of the month fixed in the finance sector, to stand out Galicia Group 22.4%, The Bank of France 14.3% and Banco Supervielle 12.7% ", he summarized Eduardo Fernández, an analyst of Rava Uncategorized.

For the ADR, a certification with Argentinean companies listed on New York markets, decided by November with positive outcome. He showed his monthly output Galicia Group, 19.9% ​​in dollars per month, with a favorable seasonal balance.

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