They block Hitachi and Cofco oil plants

A multi-national Comco oil company was announced in December to stop working at its location. Valentin Alsina's plant as a result of the decline in household spending. In this way Legtimo's sunflower oil bottle will close its doors and will focus specifically on its & # 39; base of oil. His business was not made clear, he said from the company.

It is not the only company that decides to leave its work. On Monday, Hitapi Japan gave information, as a result of the decision of the parent company, closing their offices in Buenos Aires and his / her. Continue marketing its materials from headquarters in Brazil. According to El, the Hitachi South Amrica Argentina SA subsidiary, a Japanese-based company based in Japan to expand its technology products, will soon be closed.

His companion, Radio Victoria Fueguina, will continue to play; license to make products and marketing. What moves move to Brazil to the jobs in the Arenales street offices. Hitachi Air Conditioning and Hitachi Data Systems will continue to work.

And although it did not set a date for the distribution and liquidation of its local company, from the company; It is estimated that weeks are to move the posts into a Brazilian sub-group.

At the same time, on Monday, Cofco's staff in La Plata opposed the closure of the furnace, and the company said that the decision was incapable of inconvenience and, Following a plan of voluntary products and compensation.

From Buenos Aires Labor Ministry they confirmed to LPO that they were ordained today for mandatory settlement between the company and the staff after a meeting between the parties. "At the moment there are 10 working days for each party to reach an agreement," they said.

The company has a & # 39; Ensure that all spending can not be made in the domestic market and, after examining the factory's sales to the competition decided that it was not desirable and started offering voluntary agreements with an additional 50% or Re-appointing staff for those willing to move to Santa Fe, where a & # 39; main activities at & # 39; company.

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