They invaded Avellaneda Towns to investigate money making

The Naval soldiers of the Civil War attacked the Avellaneda Towns by the formal court order of Quilmes by Luis Armella, in the context of a case that has been sentenced to him. study It seems that money will be given.

The work in the township with the superintendent Kirchnerist Jorge Ferraresi was aiming at a & # 39; seeking evidence of illegal movement taken with public funds.

As you can confirm from the research resources, Justice & identifying potential potential for "social funding" for a sum of 300 million pesos "social affiliates of Avellaneda", and the United Nations Social Development Ministry would be involved, a large share of Buenos Aires and a Cooperation Federation, operative of New Aires Works.

According to the file, The motions would be made in 2013, 2014 and 2015, when Ferraresi already had a sea of Avellaneda, the current governor of Santa Cruz, Alicia Kirchner, was a national development minister and Eduardo Aparicio as Buenos Aires.

Ask stores near the owner of Ferraresi Telam "is a political move and everything is innovative".

Judgment Armella's case is a case; shows that the funding was moved by the Ministry of Social Development for the Department and from that time they went to the Cooperatives Federation of Trabajo Nuevos Aires, to carry out jobs.

The Federation of Cooperatives, always in accordance with the file, then converted to companies that are closely linked to public officials, and that is the case of the lawsuit. trying to emerge.

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