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They invaded the NGO who gave advice to Thelma Fardín against the Darthés – Society

Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh) hosted a series of nights, astonishment and violence assault by Nicaraguan Police. The organization is the ones who advised the actress Thelma Fardín to compete against the attack against Juan Darthés when he was in a position; traveling with that country with the struggle of the "Ugly Duckling" strings, nine years ago.

The Cenidh was plundered at the early Friday with other non-governmental organizations to which a legal person was withdrawn on Thursday. They say that the people gave up the uniforms of documents, computers and equipment.

"As a lieutenant, they went to the top of the night to Cenidh and took over the facilities," said Vilma Núñez, president of the NGO who directed Fardín to bring his complaint. Núñez also said that the campaign was violent and that they were "connecting and hitting" the security person who was defending the place during the night.

"Yesterday we had difficulties getting into the area, today we got permission to enter, converted and eliminated their ability in all the offices, there are papers in Everything and things will be thrown away, "said Núñez.

The raids appear in a strong political framework. Recently, the Nicaragua government spent 15 days for these organizations to present their accounting records, but before completing that time, they went in to take the equipment.

Eight months ago a social enterprise campaign with major government anti-government campaigns killed 200 people according to government and 545 according to human rights regulations, which also reports 4,000 injuries and 603 people imprisoned. The government opposes the opposition of the opponents; trying to do "uncommon" by a "terrorist plan" funded by the United States.

From the government led by President Daniel Ortega, they are saying that both Cenidh and the NGO Hagamos Democracia "have the charge to manage, and # 39; obtaining, broadcasting and financing assistance to change public order and to take actions to disable the country "and that's why they removed their legal status.

Through a company, Ministry said within Friday that all "mobile and mobile assets and any other assets" of those NGOs "managed by the Nicaragua State," wanted to be & # 39 ; creation of "assets of basic air and preparation for terrorist victims".

The government made this decision with nine groups and also to # 39; attacking three media centers: The Confidential, This Night and This Week. "This is an illegal attack against the freedom of the media in Nicaragua," said journalist Carlos Fernando Chamorro.

Stòras Popol Na, formerly led by Sandinista's former guerrilla and Mónica Baltodano desecrator, said through social networks that the police were also building their building in the west of Managua.

Cenidh had publicly talked against a series of government decisions that they considered really bad for democracy. "Cenidh confirms a ban on police for the celebration of International Day of Human Rights In terms of verification of our legacy, not the National Police is the appropriate authority, CENIDH will use the law beforehand, authorities co-fitted, "they said. a few days from the group, published Clarin.

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