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They offer 100,000 dollars as a result that they do not. cell phone use

An our dependence on chill Today it is so great that it is hard to find out who can live without it. But there may be different things if it would be for leaving outside they pay us a good amount of money. That's just what the US Vitaminwater company is praising.

This American iconic company has just launched an unusual competition offering $ 100,000 to those who are capable of staying for a year without a completely tied connection. There is no further WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. There is nothing

To take part in the competition, you must post on Twitter or Instagram with these hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest, and explain what you would do if you can not consult the yearly smart phone.

The date for registration is for the 8th January 2019. In fact, the competition is only open to US citizens.

The company will have a & # 39; Choosing their partner week 22 January, in accordance with regulations; war. The chosen person can not use any smartphone or smart tablet, although it is possible for laptops or desktop computers. You can also use vocabulary such as Home Google and Amazon Echo.

In compensatory money for submitting the cellar, the competitor will receive a mobile phone from the 90s, that is, the ones who were in charge of the phone. Allows you to send and submit a message so that it can not be completely connected.

If this competition is up to the end of the year without using smartphones or social networks, it will get $ 100,000. Even so If it does not last six months, the prize is $ 10,000

In order to prove that the competitor aims to achieve the goal, Vitaminwater will prove to be honest by placing it in an attempt to find shirts.

Natalia Suárez, Vitaminwater manager, told CNBC Make it "we do not think anything is more appealing than watching the phone unwittingly, and this is It's a chance to do something against it and it will take someone $ 100,000 to do something amazingly with its time. "

Most of the smartphones of today's smartphones are thousands. It is estimated to be that Smartphone has more than 92% of them, according to the latest data from the Pew Research Center.

Approximately eight out of 10 Millennials will use their tools to carry out daily actions, such as finance management, and # 39; pay bills, buy online and & # 39; watch or listen to content online.

Those aged 18 to 34 spend more than two and a half hours in & # 39; using sport content, according to the latest Nielsen 2018 Report. And a poll that was made earlier this year showed that 43 per cent of the millennium say they are checking out its " phone at least every 20 minutes.

Also, among X and even young boomers, the use of wide-ranging smartphones, with 85 per cent and 67 percent, is separate. (Clarin – fWell: The Vanguardia)

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