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They received specific information in "Mi Pobre Angelito" Did you know?

Throughout a Twitter account, journalists showed a very special and emerging pattern again in "My Little Little Angel".

There is nothing left for Christmas and at this time in most of the paths you can see those Christmas ordinary movies. Encouraged by that, Claire Reilly, the CNET editor, commented on his Twitter account some detail that was not completely known in "The poor little angel"

Most of the movie's scenes are happened in the house of the McAllister and Claire Reilly did not have to see specific details in this house as a permanent decoration of red and green colors through almost every film.

This is the real home of the famous movie "My Poor Little Angel"!

Reilly started different scenes of "The poor little angel"Showing in the decoration you can see a regular pattern of black colors as red, green and white in every room in the house. As it describes a Victorian wallpaper in The corridor and bow are the front door that is green.

The editor said: "What kind of monster has a red wall beside a green wall? Balancing with a different greenhouse plant and red candles?"

He also said that although the film in the 90s was "a green mare phone" with a red, white and green wallpaper? Red flowers hanging from a bed on a red ear? Did you spend Catherine O 'Hara just for her red hair? Every way to the top. "

According to her, the worst part of decoration "The poor little angel"The kitchen was:" Red planntaran, green slabs, red teapot, red floor, even green roll. Guys, we all go to IKEA's subject areas and its; get ideas, but you do not have to do it in life. Once at home: Large film, but decorative decoration. "

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