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They relaxed in cases with an airplane at Bariloche

Secretary of Health Río Negro, Alfredo Muruaga, participated in a meeting with Ramón Carrillo's hospital technical team to assess the establishment of a warning committee following the 15 confirmed cases of aviation in Chubut.

"We offered our partnership, sharing some of them and, if necessary, medical attention. Since the first case of hauntavirus has long been revealed, Each year the issues are represented. It can not be eliminated and it is part of our Commonwealth. So we do not reduce our hands, "said Secretary of Health Río Negro, Alfredo Muruaga.

He also acknowledged that the severe conditions of treatment in the hospital in Bariloche were evaluated if they had a hauntavirus case.

"Our health system is always a warning because of it it is the most complex hospital in the area, including northwest Neuquén. In addition, we are in the border area, "said the local officer.

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Dianela Gallardo, a hospital Epidemiology co-ordinator, built only two cases were recorded this year. A young man from Bariloche grew favorable; and a 26-year-old woman died from El Bolsón that was a woodland collection.

"The thing about Epuyen is something amazing. This argument has now been presented after 22 years. It is a problem that can be quite different but it's an important thing, "said Eduardo Herrero, Environmental Health co-ordinator on the Andean Department.

He remembered the basic steps to stop turning to # 39; camping in campsites, cleaning abandoned places, & # 39; avoiding driving through closed paths, collecting woods throughout the day and using N95 circle, blocked, long-sleeved shoes and gloves in some cases.

"The wonder is inhaled. There is another man by simply talking to the client but it's not so similar. And since 1996 we said that we have the ability to. This virus has to be broadcast from person to person. There is also a concern of speaking with wounds, for that reason, we recommend the gloves ", Herrero is sure.

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