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They warn that contamination diseases are come to homes already

It is celebrated by professionals from the Argentina Small Society of Biology, which says it is the result of antibiotic abuse

Aerial diseases are largely caused by antibiotic anti-bacterial bacteria, they do not now include medical facilities, they warned the Anti-Virus Society (AAM) Argentine, who noted that "they have gone to red and even get patients in their homes"

This is one of the topics discussed in the VIII Congress of the Historical Society of Bacteriology, Mycology and Clinical Parasitology (Sadebac) which forms part of the AAM- and which is worrying in the scientific community, because "anti-facial counterparts are the antibiotic activity of a very normal normal practice".

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) every year, about 700,000 people die due to anti-virus (AMR), a figure that reaches 10 million by 2050 "unless action is done".

"These diseases are related to healthcare, also known as intrahospital, closely related to the use of unprecedented medical devices," explained the biochemist and specialist in Clinical Bacteriology, Jaime Kovensky Pupko.

Expert and co-ordinator of the Sadebac Antimicrobial Subcommittee said "cure is a great deal, and so now there is more patient with a dangerous (transcircular, oncopic) system that is exposed to invasive methods, which who carries the inevitable danger of disease "

He also said that "one of the biggest issues is a concern in the low level of manual preservation of patients, not more than 30% in Argentina."

"The biggest problem is not to handle hands spreading bacteria in a horizontal way," agrees biologist Adriana Sucari, former president of the AAM and president of Sadebac.

He stated that "doctors, nurses, psychologists and all health patients who can help patients who are a bearded beard be discharged to the next patient unless they use their hands between each other ".

The two experts agree that it is "fundamental" to include the level of disease related to healthcare, also seen in daily hospitals, homes for older people and patients with a home hospital.

"Each medical center needs to plan and implement a survey program that involves the carrier search of complex bacteria and precautionary implementation to prevent a flat transcript, which which occurs from one patient to another person or through a patient's hands. Healthcare staff and the use of things such as stososcopes and thermometers, "suggested Kovensky.


The biochemist argues that anti-metabolism is linked to "misuse or misuse" of antibiotics. "In 2016," he said, "that it was the anti-mitigating opposition to a health case that was set out at the Presidential Gathering organized by the United Nations, First time, Heads of State put themselves in place a co-ordinated strategy of a wide range to deal with human, animal and agricultural health. "

"Doctors need to be given by antibiotics and the order must be recorded at their pharmacy. There are checks that show that this rule is incompatible with # 39 ; reach 80% in the continent of Buenos Aires. This sale is without order to respond in most cases to the deed of psychotherapy, in situations where there is no Antibiotic is essential because it is viral, which creates bacteria that are opposed to the infectious focus or in the microbiotic droplets that remain on us, "he said.

"We all need to take care of the ecology of our own microbiological plants if we want to have a mistreatic face," said Kovensky.

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