They warn that the Argentine economy is "getting into the worst world"

An inflation an annual buyer is higher than 45% and GDP fall "at least 2.5%" this year, according to report released today by Belgrano University.

"An Argentine economy has finished two quarters after each, which has entered into the worst world possible: a greater decline of inflation, called "stagnation," said a director Center for New Economy (CENE), Vctor Beker.

The Government also said that "rarely stagflation" is rarely rarely, it is anticipated that there will be a rise in price & Combined with economic expansion processes, and that prices are compromised or compromised; fall. "But in countries with high inflation, it is possible to continue even in a strong decline in economic activity," he explained the economist.

In his opinion, there is "inflationary illness that includes inflation and future taxation". So, present a limited cash policy, the amounts will be settled first to reduce employment and employment, and only in the final term. Inflation is falling dramatically. "

However, Beker added that "the other definition, which is upholding current conduct to the Central Bank, is that the inflation continues in reasonable times only because that the money is growing. "

In this regard, he considered that the dispute would be resolved if "the rule on the distribution of zero, up to the month, allows us to protect the inflation". According to the CENE report, the increase in the average salary between September last year and the same month of the year is; currently 25.4%, although the increase in the Consumer's Index was 40.5%, with a real salary loss of 11%.

"This means that, although the flag has been announced to return to levels equivalent to those in May 2016, the average salary will be lower than it arrives in September 2017, "a & # 39; completing Beker.

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