They warn that the diminishing effect of August will be noticeable until April


This was said by Ficonomics in his latest report telling that Collation inflation for 12 months after August valuation to 46%, a value that would be consistent with year-on-year inflation for 2019 of almost 30%.

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Although the interim inflation expected for the 12 months after the May-June event is also based on inflation for 2019 by around 30%.

As convicted, the consultant concluded that there were two invaluable events in 2018. Initially, in May and June, with an increase of 36.5%. In July and near the majority of August, a period of insolvency was increased to maintain inflation.

The second one, in the last week of August, was held on another very important event, with a profound and profound effect in September, October and (estimated) November, is set out in the Ficonomics report.

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"The August event seems to be amazing, even when compared to others, in December 2015, or the same thing that was held in May – June, "he said.

And he said: "Monthly inflation after a & # 39; lowering 6.5% price, well above 4.1% surveyed in January 2016 or 3.5% surveyed in June 2018. The most rational explanation for this purpose could be the expectation of the event, which is reinforced when it compares with what happened in January 2014, which was also astonishing for the economy in general. "

In both cases, the inflation of the following month was not under 20% of the reduction, and at 3 months it already collected about 50%.

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In four cases the study (the episode 2014 and the 2015/2016 event was also included), the increase in prices after the value value was "not unusual" as there are clearly changes which could be & # 39; bait or prevent inflation after the valuable event.

Among others, the consultant mentions the conclusions of the underlying illness, the amount of money that is circulated and the hardship of the prices are comparatively priced, especially regulated prices. "For example, all of these botanists greatly reduced Pass Through & # 39; (PT) of the 2002 revaluation, possibly the most successful measure only in Argentina's inflatable terms, "they said.

The study shows, on average, Special value value is transferred to prices within the following eight months, and its impact in the first 3 months between 35% and 50%, according to the steps taken to cover it and, in particular, whether the event is expected or not. The event is not as big as the event, faster that is likely to be "Pass Through".

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