They went back to the bottom of the English Channel to find out the virus found in the midst of a plate draw – 05/02/2019

Try to find out the virus found when the plane was moved Emiliano Sala is currently going on in & # 39; The Sound. If they do, they would also get the Piper Malibu machine, which fell 63 meters deep into the English Channel. The AAIB group, who analyzes the disaster, reports from London.

"We're trying to get back to the body." If we are successful, we will consider the chance to get back on the plane, "said a spokesperson AAIB in London.

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"The current conditions that mean we can only use a speed-operated vehicle (ROV) for a limited period of time and this means progress slowly, "he said.

And he concluded: "Apart from the results, we are not going to do more reports so that the family knows."

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The "slack waters" are when high and low lunches change in the place. These waters need to be able to work in a small window. That minute was at 3:30 pm in the British period. There will be a further change at seven o'clock late afternoon, the UK.

To date, its company operates in a Geo Ocean III plane, which was registered by the Ministry of Defense. The intention was to complete it today but it could be extended.

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During the night they tried to get out and missed. There was another attempt at nine in the morning today.

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