They went quickly into a C5N driver

Mariela Fernández, director of the channel C5N, he is in the hospital three days ago for her disorder after traumatic stress.

A year after the death of his father, Fernandez suffered recycling and was taken to hospital in a medical center for a problem of a problem after disturbance, according to his family in a statement published in the census Instagram of the journalist.

Fernandez did not have the strength to fulfill so many duties, so she decided to reduce the work to prioritize her health. But now There were sections of concerns that went to hospital.

"Mariela decided to visit doctors to delete large situations, due to her background ACV. Now, it is tighter, with professional practitioners and is surrounded by its family. On behalf of Mariela, we value the responsibility and understanding of this moment we want to keep in the family's confidentiality. We want respect for the situation. Thank you very much, "the family letter says.

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