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They were affecting a & # 39; micrones that took place in Mendoza

Traffic agent Liliana Giner decided to oppose Víctor Gómez, who was arrested at Uspallata in mountains after the road crash. Crime with three or six years imprisonment in prison. For this Wednesday it is expected that the legal officer will resolve the procedure for her.

In terms of the wounds of other travelers, the corresponding reports have not yet been received for their confirmation, so for this moment they were not brought into account. At the same time, the driver who was with him was released.

The mini-pattern DRZJ 33, leaving Saturday at 21.30 from Santiago de Chile to Baile Mendoza, with the company Silein Buses Ahumada, which said through a statement Both drives "keep their bad legs."

On the other hand, of the 11 passengers entered in the Mendoza Mor hospitals two are already released and maybe those days get the other distribution, estimate of the continental health department.

Undersecretary of Health of Mendoza, Oscar Sagas, said "wounded people are favorable". "Nothing in a very negative situation," he said.

There were 35 other passengers who were severely injured and inspected in the Uspallata hospital.

In the event, Esteban Felipe Arredondo (10), Maritza Ramos Chana (35) and his daughter, Milhe Calderón Ramos (3), died to everyone in the overseas country.

The 45 passengers transported by a number of nations: 19 Argentineans, one Bolivian, 15 Slabs, one Colombian, one Ecuadorian, four Peruvian, one Paraguay, two Uruguayan and one Venezuelan.

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