They were selling Paty for 60 million dollars

Her Quickfood puppy was sold by her & # 39; Brazilian investment company BRF for USD 60 million. So, the proprietor of notified posts such as Paty and Viennisima, among others, under no the flag of its company, also from Brazil.

Marfing had been sold to BRF in Quickfood in 2012. In other words, a company that was born in Argentina in 1960 and created the traditional hamburger logo has now been returned to its. The first district investigator he bought in 2007.

It's not a whole move in the job, since then USD 60 million bought 92% of Quickfood capital division. At present, there are factories at the company in San Jorge, Arroyo Seco and Baradero. The San Jorge unit works 620 heads of cattle every day and a process of over 6,000 tons per month of materials: hamburgers, sausages, cold meat and frozen plants under the Paty, Vienissima, GoodMark, PatyViena and Green Life brands.

From Brazil, the signature BRF there is a place that has an important food production marketplace in a re-submission program, with which he currently carries out work signed for R $ 822 million in the sale of assets. What makes a long struggle to travel to the objective of R $ 5,000 million (USD 1,290 million) which was set up in the # 39; BRF Operational and Financial Restructuring Plan. So, the property does not delete your receipts more money.

"With this business, we are taking an important step in paying BRF debt, according to its plan announced in June," said BRF COO in recited. Lorival Luz.

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